Nonsub eliminations, woooooooooooooooo

Vote One: Raymond Camper (nonsub vote).

Vote Two: Raymond. “A pithy voting comment cannot convey the depths of my disappointment.”

Vote Three: Raymond. “please come back again we like new people!”

Vote Four: Raymond. “Next time we’ll set an alarm for due dates…”

Vote Five: Raymond. “My vote: The FNG!! (Raymond). His name is Raymond…right?”

Vote Six: Raymond. “Gonna have to vote for old Raymond. Ray, RayRay, The StingRay, Rayzapoppin’, he just wasn’t around long enough for us to give him a nickname. Except FNG, I guess. Forget it, Raymond, it’s blueberrytown.”

Elimination Two: Raymond Carver

I hate seeing anyone go this way, but particularly new people. The good news: there can be no official nonsubs this week!

This challenge, always a favorite (and, yes, a source of frustration) for players, is Twenty Questions. There are not twenty. They are not all questions. Regardless, the name of this challenge will never change.

Your tribe will come up with a single list of responses to the following questions and non-questions. One person on your tribe will send the list, and once they’ve sent it, ONLY that person can override it with a new list (and even then, can only do so if not all entries have been received). The list will be due Monday night by 9pm Central.

For scoring, Gilman, Brendan and I will each pick a favorite response from each item. The tribe with the fewest number of points from the three of us will vote someone out. Obviously, there will be no nonsubs unless a tribe completely fails to send a list of answers (which, believe it or not, has happened; there was a four-tribe season where TWO tribes bitched out and were forced to vote someone out).

So, the list follows…

1. You are in charge of coming up with a slogan to entice people to visit The Sea of Tranquility. Give me the slogan.
2. One train leaves St. Louis and another train leaves Las Vegas simultaneously. Both are headed for Los Angeles. Why?
3. What’s the name of your pet pig?
4. The newest musical fad is a fusion of EDM and bro country. Name the new genre.
5. Make me a sandwich.
6. Come up with an insult that specifically targets rich kids with fancy last names.
7. Come up with the nickname that rich kids with fancy last names call themselves.
8. Santa’s elves are renegotiating. What are their demands?
9. Give me the name of the slang term meaning “we got it on in a Burger King bathroom.”
10. An unlikely group of people in America decide to stage a revolution. What group, and what’s the name of the revolution?
11. A video game is developed where the player portrays Hannibal Lecter. Name it.
12. You caught the same kid throwing a rock through your patio window for the second time. What’s your response?
13. An unlikely side character from the Super Mario Brothers series gets his or her own game. Name the game and give me the rundown.
14. Give us a pun we’ve never heard, and also can’t easily find with a Google search.
15. Give me the text of Betty White’s headstone. (Don’t worry; she didn’t really die)
16. Dr. Seuss and Quentin Tarantino co-write and produce a film. Give me the summary.
17. This challenge used to be loaded with sexually themed questions. What changed?
18. What’s the coldest way to break up with someone?
19. Free write this one. I don’t know. Just say something interesting.


There are no specific word limits on this, but overlong answers have not typically fared well. Again, this is due Monday night by 9pm Central. Cheers, Survivors.