There were a lot of wild ideas and takes on the prompt this time around, and in that spirit, the judges certainly found some places to split. But none of it matters, because we had a nonsub this week too.

People have professional pride, though, so have a look at some results.

Two golds each for Annette, Bret and erik; good job, gang! Pepper matches erik and Bret with an eleven-point challenge as well.

Without the nonsub, here are your tribe scores:

Willy: 1-10-3-1-11-5 = 31/6 = 5.17
T3AM: 0-11-1-11-3 = 26/5 = 5.20
Khan’s Sore Blueberries: 4-6-3-5-6 = 25/5 = 5.00

Whoa. A challenge that tight deserved a total lack of nonsubs; nonetheless, Raymond of Khan missed this one. Khan, please send your votes by tonight at 9pm Central and I’ll get a new challenge on the board. I’d give an extra day with the results coming this late in the day if it weren’t in the wake of a nonsub, so if this happens on a 100% participation week, expect the extra day. Cheers, Survivors.