A non-nonsub elimination is always an early treat in a writing game. Away we go…

Vote One: Brooks Maki. “No skating this time, buddy.”

Vote Two: Brooks. “At least try and then fail like the rest of us!”

Vote Three: Brooks. “That coifed cunt!”

Vote Four: Brooks. “(Thaw following had breed auto- corrected) Brooks! Biting for Brooks. Out sucks, and it’s not whay i want, but half the challenge is showing up. That’s what Brooks didn’t do.”

Vote Five: Pete Bruzek. “Vote Pete Bruzek. Pretty sure I called the winner with my exit vote last time. Might as well do it again.”

Third Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Brooks Maki

While it wasn’t a nonsub, I think it’s clear he wasn’t around. Bums me out, but what are ya gonna do?

You’re gonna get to the next challenge, that’s what you’re gonna do. This challenge, a new one, is called Work Hard.

400 word limits have been okay so far, right? We’ll keep it there for now. In that space, write a story about a complicated work relationship. I was going to type out the many things this could mean, but your mind is already aflutter, and there’s no point in me forcing you to lean one way or another.

This is due Friday night at 9pm Central. Part of me wants to make these an hour earlier to make judging late into the night a bit easier, but a couple of people asked for late deadlines this season, so you’ll have to take it up with them if you want guaranteed(ish) night-of results.

Cheers, Survivors.