Hey all,

The latest round of Survivor results are right below this. You should read them even if, like me, you’re not playing. Twenty Questions is always a hoot (people still say “hoot”, right?)

Some of you might remember Cutthroat Junction. It was a sister site to this one, and featured a monthly game that was a little smaller in scope than the big, long ones that Kelly runs (yeah, I hear it, too). A lot of the games were social in nature, but took a week or two at the longest. It was fun.

Eventually, everyone got busy or something, and the site just sort of died. I’d like to revive it.

The format hasn’t really been decided yet, but the convoluted point system will probably be axed. Any suggestions will obviously be appreciated.

In the meantime, let’s start up a game. I was thinking The Spread was a good place to start, and if enough people agree, we could start early this week.

If you’ve read this whole thing and really have no idea what’s going on, shoot me an email at nibbish@gmail.com.

Otherwise, use the comments section, and let’s plan this out.