NOTE ON SCORING. After Brendan jumped on, I didn’t let him know how scoring changes week to week. Since I couldn’t catch him as I was tabulating scores, I decided the three of us would maintain 3-3-3 medals this time and we’ll go to 2–2-3 as scheduled next time with 14 people left.

Three out of three judges agree: this was a good challenge. Not to say there weren’t issues to tackle, but all in all, it was an extremely enjoyable week, with some new and old faces scoring big.

Also, and this is big for me, I didn’t correctly figure out a single writer this week (even erik, who I pick out at about an 85% rate). This is VERY rare, and suggests that many of you worked in new spaces and with new ideas. Nobody died in Shawn’s story, for instance.

Here you go.

Results under the jump.

Khan’s Sore Blueberries: 8-0-0-3 = 11/4 = 2.75
Willy: 2-13-8-6-11-10 = 50/6 = 8.33
T3AM: 0-1-8-7-4 = 20/5 = 4.00

Khan looked unstoppable in that first challenge, but they’ve been effectively stopped for the third time in a row, and must go back to the voting booth. Willy put up some ludicrous scores and I’d like to give them all candy.

Khan, vote by Sunday night at 9pm Central and we’ll move to a new challenge. I might raise the word limit slightly, but this is a long job (particularly for the dude who also gathers the other dudes’ responses) so we’ll see how generous I’m feeling tomorrow. I do plan for some large limits later, though when they come, I’ll ask that you bear with us and wait a while for results.

Cheers, gang.