Vote One: Ken Krouner.

Vote Two: Zack Sauvageau.

Vote Three: Ken. “Voting for Ken, per his wishes. Hopefully he comes back some time!”

Vote Four: Ken. “Sorry to see you go–please come back and play again!”

Vote Five: Ken. “Take care, Ken!”

Vote Six: Ken. “Hope to see you around again sometime.”

Vote Seven: Ken. “My vote is for Ken, who seems like the cleverest, awesomest, swellest guy to ever fall on his sword at this point of the game, unless this is a dirty dirty trick and then he’s the cleverest, awesomest, swellest guy to ever pull that particular dirty dirty trick.”

Vote Eight: Ken. “I enjoyed reading your stories!”

Vote Nine: Ken. “Voting for Ken, that guy’s asking for it. No really, he asked for it!”

Many thanks for CdL for being so understanding and supportive. I know vaguely the challenges Ken is facing, and I thank you guys for being so cool about it. Ken and I already spoke about how he would be asked to be in the jury, and he was cool with that, and looks forward to reading your stories.

Tenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Ken Krouner

From now on, there’s just one immunity. Due date this time is Monday at 9pm Central and the word limit is 1000.

The challenge is Old Job, New Job. This is one I did years back, but not recently. Your lead character is doing his new job, but his or her old job’s training/experience/whatever comes into play at the new job. There you go – world’s your oyster.

Cheers, Survivors.