Lesson learned (though I’ll make the same mistake again): long word limits and short deadlines are a dangerous combination. Or maybe it was just poor timing. That’s not to say these stories were “bad,” by any means, but there was a lot more room for at least three of them to blossom.

One did blossom, though, to the tune of a triple-gold.

But whose?!

Annette Barron takes this one in grand fashion, providing a pair of characters I love as much as anyone I know in real life. Of course, I’m a sociopath, so take that as you will.

Vote for someone else by tomorrow night (Sunday) at 9pm Central. This is solely because I’ve tried to avoid Saturday deadlines of any kind. I will, of course, post voting results and a new challenge tonight with a deadline of Wednesday if you all get votes in. If not, tomorrow night I’ll post with a deadline of Thursday.

You all have my continued gratitude for your efforts, gang, in making this season both enjoyable to read and fun to watch strategically. Cheers, Survivors.