Vote One: Jared Cedar.

Vote Two: Christina Pepper.

Vote Three: Jared Cedar. “Keeping my vote for Jared. Viva chaos.”

Is there another rock draw in our future? Time to find out.

Vote Four: Jared Cedar. “Let’s see, Jared? Um, yes. Jared.”

That was a good maiden voyage for a first-timer, but alas, the first-timers are gone. Fun Fact: I always elected to say his name out loud as “Jared Cheddar” to my wife while talking about the game. I’m kinda silly, gang.

Thirteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Jared Cedar

For your next trick, you will be faced with an all-new challenge, The Vole.

In this story, a human’s life has been drastically changed, for better or for worse, by an animal. It could be a pet or a one-time meeting – whatever. Your word limit is 1500 because I’ve been liking that, but the final four will get more. The stories are due Friday night at 9pm Central. Cheers, Survivors, and keep the curveballs coming. Or play it straight. I’m enjoying it regardless.