Is this the earliest I’ve ever had all votes? I’d say there’s a good chance of that.

Vote One: Zack Sauvageau.

Vote Two: Jonathon Pope.

Vote Three: Zack Sauvageau.

Vote Four: Jonathon Pope.

Vote Five: Jonathon Pope. “Sorry, man. Your change of heart came one vote too late.”

Fourteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Jonathon “The Last Bridesmaid” Pope

Well, he scrambled to the end, but our final non-winner has been eliminated, giving us a first-ever field of four players who have previously won.

Your challenge is called The Last Pope. In the world of your story, a dying religion (or cult; call it what you will) has but a single remaining member, but they are a visible proponent of their dying religion. Your story takes place after this person becomes the last member (or may also include that moment). How the story surrounds them is up to you; religions of your own creation are just as legal to use as the ones we know.

Word limit is 2000 and it’s due Friday night at 9pm Central. There will still be three medals allocated by each judge.

I have your final challenge picked out too, and it’s a doozy (Gilman came up with it, so rest assured it’s exceedingly complicated. Okay, I can explain it in like one word, but it’s going to be tough).

Cheers, Survivors. Who wants their second win?