Man, religion brings out the best in this crew every time. I wanted another medal to give. Gilman said the same. Brendan didn’t say it specifically, but he probably sent me a nonverbal cue that I should have noticed.

With the stories as strong as they were, scoring was a very interesting 9-6-6-6 affair (666 in the religious challenge…ahem).


Christina Pepper has returned to the winner’s circle in a hard-fought week. Vote for anyone besides Pepper by tonight at 10pm Central. With four people left, I doubt that anyone needs more time, but I could be wrong and if so, let me know you require another day.

Note that ties are a write-off at this point, and rock draws are gone.

Assuming no ties and extensions, we’ll throw one more into the jury room tonight and get on with the final challenge. Cheers, Survivors.