Thus spake Christina Pepper:

“A true ally is that Daniel Kautz,
matched only by Zack Sauvageau.
My votes may have caused a few pouts,
and I regret to say Zack’s got to go.

My vote is for Zack Sauvageau. He was a rock-solid ally, and I might be crazy for doing this, but I’m going to take Dan to the final 2 with me because I wouldn’t have gotten here without him.

Thanks for keeping this game interesting, everyone!”

Sixteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Zack Sauvageau

Zack’s last four placements have been 4-21-3-3. It’s a little inconvenient to have that 21 in there, but all the same, that’s a hell of a run.

Meanwhile, Pepper has finished in the final three all four times she’s played, and has only been voted out once by a single person. DK is in his second final in a row, and of course, last time was against Pepper, making this the first repeat final two in Spookymilk Survivor history.

Jury, get your questions loaded and have someone (it’s usually Annette) send them to me via email so I can post them up.

Normally I explain to the finalists what they have to do, but…seems like they probably know the deal.

Cheers, Survivors.