Despite all evidence to the contrary, it looks like Big Brother may actually end. Time to start setting up the next Survivor – Breakfast Club style. Over the next day or two, we will be contacting you to let you know what clique has decided you belong in.  You can then choose a name from the below list. If you wish to choose your own name, you can submit it to us and we’ll determine whether it is suitably ridiculous.

First come, first serve. Also, if you really want to play and you didn’t say so, we may be able to fit you in, but no promises.

Please respond to This will be the official game/submission email. In order to maintain your anonymity, you should probably set up an email account for your new character. Doublecheck that it doesn’t give you away. As promised, we will ping you via messenger to help newbies get used to the diplochat/wordpress format.

Obviously, mum’s the word, so keep your yaps shut.

Athletes Bastketcases Popular Crowd Criminals
Studly Jock Muffin Xander Xanax Princess Penelope Pewwater Bobcat Breakfinger
Andrew Quickbreak Polly Flappyhands Heather The Original Steven Sticky
Bulgy Bob Sweaty Stanley Her Highness Hildegaard Diamond Dave Duper
Gary “Goose” Murdock Allan Analretension Heatherr with 2 R’s Harry the Hatchet
Speedy Spectacular Chick N. Little Cherry Blossom Luke Sleek
Uber Lyft Hysterical Giggles Henrick Hornblower, III  Legs Malloy
Torrac Turnbull Anne Gyna Snooty Steve  Vito Moreno
 Bobson Dugnutt Otto Eps Muffy Magnusen  Harry Kreskin
 Royce Randall  Mushrrom Clyde Barb Ru  Crazy Joe South
Tayquan Robinson Fuzzy Skelter Chet Worthington III Sweet Susie Dalton
Brutus Papadopolous Wave True Brittany Sandbeck Dudgie O’Fritters
Carissa Hinch Holland Dodge Cheryl Combs Sneaks Belanger
Olga Wilhelm Oliver Caulfield Sandra Featherington Rusty the Rat
Dominique Rivers Martika Fluster Hoyt Lozenge
Dan “The Man” Dickinson Trashcan Jan Claudius Lobster
Fudge Longenas Hollister
Thurmond Sausages