The Criminals find themselves right back at tribal, so here we go:


Vicki  – I feel bad about this, I wanted it to be different.

Dudgie – My vote is for Dudgie. I just want to reiterate, I think you’re making a big mistake. You both are, but you especially. Fuck you both. Anyways, thanks for making the game fun! Peace out motherfuckers!

By a vote of two to one, SLICK VICKI becomes our fifteenth expulsion from Shermer High School. MICHELLE PRATT is a CDL veteran with a solid grasp on challenges and great enthusiasm for the game. We will miss watching her play!

Unlike island-based Survivor games, we have no buffs. So, um, DROP YOUR JACKETS – Letterman, Jordache Jean, Leather and Straight. That’s right, WE ARE MERGED BITCHES!


All chatting from this point hence shall be in the cafeteria. That means the Bleachers, the Quad, the Counseling Center and the Gym are now officially closed. Don’t let us catch you in there (and we will)!

Further, as my birthday is a national event and results in a three day weekend, we are taking a break. Next challenge will be posted Monday night with the first move due Tuesday night.

Congrats on making it this far! Let the madness commence.