Another fun voting day! Here we go:

Uber raises his hand.

“Jesus, Uber! Not again!”

Uber stands and hands me an odd looking contraption.

“Hmmpf. This is the Suzanne Sommers Thigh Master and is, of course, an immunity idol.”

Any votes for Uber will not count.

Uber Lyft. I once made a joke about needing a ride to get a pack of smokes, but you didn’t get it. That was the moment I knew I’d have to vote you out one day. (Does not count)

Uber Lyft. (Does not count).

Uber Lyft. (Does not count).

Uber Lyft: Second time’s a charm? (Does not count).

Uber Lyft; gas prices are going up i cant afford you, i’ll just walk where i need to go thank you. (Does not count).

Oliver Caulfield.

Her Highness Hildegaard.

Oliver Caulfied.

So, by a vote of two to one, OLIVER CAULFIELD becomes the 20th student eliminated and the fifth member of the jury.

It’s getting real up in here, students! Next challenge:


Some of you may recognize this one (it’s my FAVORITE!).

Your goal is to make the highest-scoring word possible. To do so, you’ll be driving to certain stations to pick up letters.

First Street: AEIOU

Second Street: LNSTR

Third Street: DGBCMP

Fourth Street: FHVWY

Fifth Street: KJXQZ

For each trip, you spend the amount of points equal to the street you’re going to. If you want a letter at Fifth Street, you spend five points. When you give me a street to go to, I’ll give you a random letter from that street (I’ll be using You can do these one by one, or can ask for as many at a time as you want.

The letters will be worth exactly double what they’re worth in Scrabble, so these are the new values:

(2 point)-A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, R.

(4 points)-D, G.

(6 points)-B, C, M, P.

(8 points)-F, H, V, W, Y.

(10 points)-K.

(16 points)- J, X.

(20 points)-Q, Z.

You can ask for up to ten letters, but can stop any time before that if you’re satisfied with your word and score. The word has to be accepted by the official online Scrabble dictionary, so I don’t care how obscure it is, as long as it’s real.

Quick example, let’s say you go to First Street twice, Second Street three times and Fourth Street once, and you end up with the letters OUSTTV. The word you decide to send me is “STOUT.” You spent 12 points to get all the letters (1/1/2/2/2/4) and the word is worth 10, since the letters in STOUT are all worth two each. Thus, your score is a miserable negative two. The higher streets have greater risk, but they come with far more reward, so there you go.

We should be able to respond fairly quickly when you want a letter. I won’t set a deadline, unless it looks like someone needs a nudge.

Use your diary rooms for this please. You have until Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. to get this one done.