Okay then. No voting comments were left and a consensus was reached:

By a vote of seven to one, UBER LYFT has been eliminated and becomes the sixth member of the jury. Uber, I’ll link you up to the jury room shortly.

Next challenge:


Congrats Final SEVEN! Have you been making good use of your extra study time in the library? Some of us are doubtful, so let’s test it, shall we?

This is going to be a timed word jumble. Fun, right!? You betcha. There will be 22 words to unscramble.  Each word will have one special letter that will be highlighted. If you choose to, you can use these letters to fill in the phrase at the bottom.

The person completing the jumbles with the fastest time is the winner and will have immunity. Whenever you have time to do your jumble, you will email shermerhighoffice@gmail.com and say you are ready to go. Time will begin once we hit send. You will receive a link to a google doc with the jumble on it. Fill in the answers in the boxes provided. (None of the words will be plural.) If you finish all the boxes, the highlighted letters complete a phrase at the bottom. You do not have to solve the phrase at the bottom. But if you do, FOUR MINUTES will be deducted from your time stamp on your return email telling us you are finished. You may not submit the phrase if you haven’t finished the boxes. If you’re exceptionally quick, you could potentially end up with a negative time . . . which would be awesome, obviously.

We’ll give you until Sunday night to carve out some time to do this. Let us know if this proves to be troublesome and we’ll convince you otherwise. If y’all manage to get it done sooner, we’ll move along.

You may not talk about the challenge; this is a solo challenge.

Good luck.