No one loves booze like meat, and nobody does booze like a speakeasy. Well, I mean, I guess they do. Speakeasies were notorious for watering down drinks – even beers – to stretch their contraband as far as possible. This is the reason that American beer tastes for so long were fixated on the domestic piss you usually see in TV commercials; our taste buds were conditioned to expect less, thanks to the watered-down offerings at the speakeasy. The more you know~!

Anyway, meat was drinking something, and a lot of that something, and a wolf lit a match near him. And he exploded.

Inkarnit (Day One, Angel Face, slick out-of-towner)
codefox (Night One, villager, too sick for a memorable death)
daneekasghost (Day Two, Red Devil, cornered by superdelegates)
MelissaD (Night Two, Green Eyes, forgot to look for wolves again)
Warhammer (Day Three, villager, distracted in the car)
meat (Night Three, villager, inflammable means flammable?!)
Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate

FIVE is a majority. Night’s at nine.