After a decent start, the village was starting to have a rough go of things. Absence was starting to loom large, and the pile of innocent was gaining by the day.

In strode a confident manly-man, The Dread Pirate. “I’m back from the State Fair. I heard my skills were needed!”

It was late, though. The village was asleep and the wolves ate him whole.

Inkarnit (Day One, Angel Face, slick out-of-towner)
codefox (Night One, villager, too sick for a memorable death)
daneekasghost (Day Two, Red Devil, cornered by superdelegates)
MelissaD (Night Two, Green Eyes, forgot to look for wolves again)
Warhammer (Day Three, villager, distracted in the car)
meat (Night Three, villager, inflammable means flammable?!)
nettiebarron (Day Four, villager, protested too little)
The Dread Pirate (Night Four, villager, State Fair was too much fun)
Colin Prime

NIGHT will be called at 9pm on Sunday. If we finish quickly, we’ll see what’s what if a wolf is killed.

With the numbers 4-2, the village must be successful here or it’s over. No pressure!