It occurs to me that, if Ash hadn’t already been lynched as a wolf, right about now everyone would think that I’d made a game with only villagers. That is to say, the village would blame their inability to find a wolf on the mod, instead of pointing the finger where it squarely belongs: on themselves. I mean, really, village.

Anyway, I offer this introduction as a way of shielding myself from the bitter scorn the village is sure to feel when they wake up and learn that Nibbish, the Seer, has been killed. It went down like this:

Nibbish was walking through a cemetery on Halloween next to the abandoned summer camp, and whistling. The song was MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” It’s not a very whistle-friendly tune, but then, Nibbish isn’t a very whistle-friendly guy. Feeling like he must be perfectly indestructible because of the Angel, Nibbish decided to tempt fate by explicitly calling out “Come and get me wolves, I’m so nice and juicy and yummy.” But still the wolves didn’t come.

So Nibbish hopped into his car, refusing to wear his seat belt, driving 11 miles over the speed limit while tweeting @wolves, I’m so vulnerable, whatever shall I do?. Then, somewhat miraculously, he arrived home. He parked his car, got out the keys to his front door, picked his nose for a little bit, then unlocked the door, and crawled into bed. A bed which was full of wolves. A bed which he himself had made.

Ash Substitute Wolf.
Melissa She played, I guess?
Big Papa Pope Boring old villager
Nibbish Seer, Made his own bed.
Colin Prime

6 is a majority.

I will be happy to do a day’s end early today (let’s say noon) if that is something the village is interested in, and then start a new day as soon after that as I’m able (will obviously depend on night moves being made).
I’d remind the village that we probably don’t want to continue this to next week, so making sure we’re ending by Friday is probably a good idea, right? That seems like getting 2 days in here or there might make sense.