It’s another sunny morning in Taciturnsville. The villagers head towards the town square.

“What in the blazes is that?” someone asks.

In the middle of the square there is a dazzling light. A rainbow of colors radiate in every direction. A few of the braver villagers shield their eyes and cautiously approach the mound of light. As they get close enough, their bodies block out a little of the sun and it becomes clear it is a body. The body of violabeenice.

“It’s viola!” those nearest her shout. The others approach.

“Wow, so pretty.”


“Yes, I don’t think I’ve seen a bullet-proof vest as beautiful as this one.”


Day ends at 9:30 p.m. 
6 votes needed for a majority, 3 minimum to be lynched.
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Colin Prime
: Delinquent, Rebel without a cause paws
nibbish: Mason1, Not so secret meeting with Death
nettiebaron: Mason2, Not so secret meeting with Death
Beezy: Werewolf (Cub), Not left out of THIS loop
violabeenice: Blacksmith, Killed in a sequins of events

The village
BigPapaJonTheElf, Bodyguard
codefox, Courter
The Dread Pirate