The villagers are all seated, waiting for the Priest’s sermon to begin on this Good Friday. They are growing restless.

“Has anyone seen the Priest?”

“I wouldn’t know him even if I saw him.”

One villager notices a part of robe peeking out from behind the pulpit. He gets up from his seat to inspect it.

“Lord have mercy!” exclaims the villager, “It’s the Priest. He’s been..descerated..oh, I can’t look any longer.

A brave few come to examine their fallen leader. The floor is awash in blood that has gushed from where TDO was impaled. Ornate crucifixes are jutting out from his neck and his chest.

Day ends at 9:30 p.m.
5 votes needed for a majority, 3 minimum to be lynched.
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Colin Prime: Delinquent, Rebel without a cause paws
nibbish: Mason1, Not so secret meeting with Death
nettiebaron: Mason2, Not so secret meeting with Death
Beezy: Werewolf (Cub), Not left out of THIS loop
violabeenice: Blacksmith, Killed in a sequins of events
The Dread Pirate: Werewolf (Charmer), Dreadfully powerful
TDO: Priest, Double-crossed

The village
BigPapaJonTheElf, Bodyguard
codefox, Courter