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Good evening, fair Survivors. Your wild entanglements fill the viewers with glee, and the jury eagerly awaits the arrival of one of you to their humble abode.

There was a pretty clear plan for this vote, given the last few weeks. Did that plan hold up? Time to find out.

Vote One: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Two: Sarah Bizek. “Because I believe in consistency.”

Vote Three: Melissa Diamond.
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I liked all of these, Survivors. All six of ‘em. Though there were flaws that I could readily name on many, the concepts made great use of the prompt and it was clear that nobody was playing it safe. The scope here was grand, and I loved getting into such a strong bunch of high concept tales.

So, read these and find out…is it possible for a human reader to grow to love an inanimate character? This human says yes.
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Let’s keep making this one of the best games ever, eh? How does another close vote sound?

Vote One: Jonathon Pope.

Vote Two: Sarah Bizek. “It almost worked last time, so it’s gotta work this time, right? Right?!?”

Vote Three: Sarah Bizek. “The forwarded emails were enough to seal the deal. I’d be foolish not to go this route.”

Vote Four: Jonathon Pope. “Jon, I really liked your story last night,
especially Clarence. A great story to go out on.”

Vote Five: Jonathon Pope. “Vote The Popester. Et tu, Brute?”

Vote Six: Sarah Bizek. “Look, I’m a big fan of her work. Playing one side against the other, in bed with everybody. But the fact is, I’m not a brother Seamus.
Thank you and good night.”

Another exciting vote! Thanks, everyone. Last vote under the jump.
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Alright, Magnificent Seven – we had some truly great ideas this week. Many were frankly much too large for the space, though even in those stories, I enjoyed the read. Everyone came to play, and we thank you for continuing to play a game that could threaten to be the best once it’s all said and done.

Okay, I’ll get out of the way and speed up the whole voting part of the game.
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Here we are, Survivors! Write-Off! First ever! Brian David! Sarah Bizek! They both have five letters in each their first and last names! So do I! Holy nipplefish!

Now that that crap is over, let’s get serious and enjoy two very strong stories. I planned on this being the next prompt anyway, and have to admit I’m sad I burned it here, but…well, it was worth it for these.

All you seek is under the jump.
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Who’s ready for an elimination? Yaaaaaay! Exciting game, Survivors. Very exciting.

Vote One: Brian David.

Vote Two: Sarah Bizek.

Vote Three: Sarah Bizek.

Vote Four: Brian David.

Vote Five: Brian David. “It’s a sad, but necessary, turn of the screw, friend.”

Vote Six: Sarah Bizek. “I vote for Sarah Bizek, but that doesn’t mean that I have to feel good about it.”

Ooooh. Tied with two votes left.
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Howdy, Survivors. Are you enjoying the tangled web of our endgame? I am, but I spent all day working on and then posting my Kickstarter. Find it on the sidebar and help me get one of the most kick-ass games I’ve ever devised produced! We’re 40% of the way to the goal after just a single day, and that’s more than I imagined was possible.

This week I dropped one of the absolute hardest challenges I’ve ever run, in my opinion, and we had some varying results. I ran this one, by the way, because I think that FAR too often around this site, characters say everything they mean. I had to see what happened if they weren’t allowed to do so.

Two immunities this week. I’m guessing nobody feels safe, so let’s find out who got them.
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Anyone tense out there? I thought so. Why else would there be just one comment on the results page?

Vote One: Bret Highum. “Good game, Bret!”

Vote Two: Matt Novak.

Vote Three: Bret Highum. “Who always manages to sneak through much further than he should. And accidentally kill villagers. He always manages that too. But mostly the sneaking.”

Vote Four: Bret Highum.
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Hey there, kiddos. The longest day of my life (and it was a “day off”) concludes here, after a fantasy football draught, about seventeen games I had to update and a failed Google Hangout. So, you won’t be surprised if I’m a tad surly. Still, I rather liked a few of these.

People seem nervous around this game lately, so let’s get after it.
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So…seems like it’s been an interesting few hours, Survivors. How did your guy fare? Let’s find out.

Vote One: Erik S. “My vote is for ColinEndo Erik.”

Vote Two: Erik S.

Vote Three: Matt Novak.

Vote Four: Erik S. “He speaks in riddles. You can’t trust a guy who speaks in riddles.”

Vote Five: Matt Novak.
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Your competition, and also you



I: Rachel “The Double-Dealer” Flynn

II: Ryan “The Snake” Fossum

III: Patrick “The Gentleman” Kozicky

IV: Brienne “The Submitter” Maner

V: Rusty “The Porn Star” Greene

VI: Brooks “The Unlikely Hero” Maki

VII: William “The Soulful” Schuth

VIII: Brooks “The Survivor” Maki

IX: Zack “The Ice Cream Man” Sauvageau

X: Pete “The Vacuum Cleaner” Bruzek

Turbo: Brooks “The 1956-1979 Montreal Canadiens” Maki

XI: Matt “The Cold-Hearted Motherf*&^er” Novak

All-Stars (XII): Andy “The Quiet Man” Rustleund

XIII: Sarah “Clarence’s Hope” Bizek

XIV: Dan “The Professional” Kautz

XV: Christina “Assault And” Pepper

XVI: Matt “The First-Time Player” Novak

XVII: Stacy “Saintly Patience” Snell

XVIII: Brian “Checkmate” David

XIX: Annette “Eammon for the Top” Barron

XX: Daniel “Neville “Smash “Hardware” Hardwood” Longbottom” Caouette

XXI: Pete “The Comeback Kid” Bruzek

XXII: Dan “The Even More Professional” Kautz

XXIII: Melissa “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” David

XXIV: Stacy “Fucking” Snell

I: Dragging Rivet’s Name Through the Mud One Last Time: Matt Novak (Ultragrandpa) and Michael Rivet (Friph Flipher-Fiph)
II: Bahambo Number 5: Pete “Triple Crown” Bruzek and Michelle “Single Tiara…So Far” Pratt

I: Brooks “Oh, for the Love of God” Maki
II: Michael “#DDB” Rivet
III: Pete “Fortune’s Fool” Bruzek
IV: Erin “All Seven and We’ll Watch Them Fall” Leslie
V: Jake “Littlefinger” Elliott

2014: Brooks “The Creator” Maki
2015: Matt “The Artist” Novak
2016: Matt “Waited Them Out” Novak
2017: Annette “I Would’ve Voted for You” Barron

2013: #21 Greg “The Gallant Glutton of Greatness” Johnson
2014: #29 Jonathon “Big Papa” Pope
2015: #8 Christina “Am I in This?” Pepper
2016: #22 Annette “No Backs Stabbed” Barron
2017: #30 Bernice “The Vulture” Nicaise
2018: #17 Carrie “Solid Gold” Bard
2019: #16 Jake “The Jabroni” Elliott

(Writing, non-elimination)
I: Sarah “Centipede Face” Johnson
II: Sarah “The Johnson Eliminator” Wreisner
III: Colin “Lonely Old Moon” Woolston
IV: Melissa “Not Sidebar Material” Diamond
V: Sama “No Family Reunions” Smith
VI: Sarah “Tumor Face” Wreisner
VII: John “Cult Following” Wreisner
VIII: Joshua “Peed the Bed” Longman
VIII: Annette “Oh, Right, That’s Who Won” Barron

WEREWOLF (most recent)

Werewolf Stats Spreadsheet

I (Pure): Matthew “The Obsessor” Gilman
I (Power): Kelly “The Novak-Destroyer” Wells

I: Matt “Exploiter of Worlds” Novak (France)

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