Here at Casa de Leche, a lot of people don’t know each other. However, they ask – nay, they demand – to know what you sound like.


Shawn Ashley – High when happy, low when annoyed. Lots of over-exaggerated growling when annoyed. Cute laugh.

Leif Bierly – All over the place depending on mood. Comically high when excitedly telling a story – Leif and I are best friends but his voice still amuses me on occasion during stories.

Ken (SBG) Brandt – Low. Calm.

Stef (loislane) Briggs – Calm and mid-range. She’s a quiet one, is Lois Lane. She also takes pictures and videos without anyone noticing. Proceed with caution!

Peter (nibbish) Bruzek – I expected it to be excitable and goofy. It’s low-to-mid-range and even-keeled. He insists he’s giggly and ridiculous when excited.

Dean (freealonzo) Carlson – mid-range and even-keeled.

Rachel Dwyer – mid-to-low. Sarcastic. Boisterous, awesome laugh.

Ryan Fossum – Mid-range. Lots of sound effects. As goofy as his personality.

Cory Funk – Muppet-like. Has an infectious laugh, from what I remember.

Zillah Glory – Mid-to-low. Silky. She has a hot voice and knows it.

Ben (Can of Corn) Johnson – High. Sounds like Chet from Survivor, minus the flaming gay lisp.

Dan (DK) Kautz – Mid-to-high. Raspy. Really infectious laugh.

Sean Kelly – Mid-range. Speaks quickly, but with lots of pauses. This is hard to explain but I swear it’s true.

Patrick Kozicky – High. Giggles a lot…like, all the time.

Brooks Maki – Deep, and sounds apathetic and aloof. Reminds me of my own voice, though it’s hard to judge one’s own voice.

Josh Mitchell – Mid-to-high. Laughs constantly, but we’re best friends so maybe I just notice it more.

Matt Novak – High, sorta. If it was just one octave higher and he was a few inches shorter, he’d be a Munchkin.

Jesse (cheaptoy) Peterson – A more apathetic Kermit the Frog.

Ian (New Guy) Pratt – Higher than I would have guessed. Nasal. He speaks surprisingly little, given his enthusiasm online, but that’s probably because Ben Johnson and I couldn’t stop talking.

AMR – Very low. Stonerish, but it’s because he has four kids and never sleeps.

Andy Rustleund – Middling, even-keeled. Despite his goofy personality, he has a pretty normal voice.

Beau – Laid back. Deepish.

Colin Woolston – Mid-range (December edit: just talked to him. It’s gotten much lower). Smooth. Speaks slowly these days.

Will (The Dread Pirate) Young – Medium-to-low range. Speaks quickly, I think, but I was drinking hard when I saw him so I may have just been thinking slowly.