And also, what style?

Chime in on whether you want me to run a Survivor or Big Brother season, now that we’re one challenge away from finishing Gods & Mortals 2.

Also, talk to me about the many different seasons I could run:

“The Gamble.” It’s entirely based on proposition bets. That day’s sports events, maybe deaths on TV shows, award shows that might happen, you name it (and really, you name it. I would certainly take suggestions).

“Classic.” A variety of challenges from 20 Questions to Marco Polo Sasquatch.

“All Winners.” I’ve long considered doing one of these.

I’m sure there are ideas I’ve forgotten as well.

I’d like to keep my next season to CdL regulars, but will only do so if we have the people. I would definitely be open to another influx of new players, if you guys want to bring me some.

I haven’t been in any rush to put Gods & Mortals updates here, because these posts are getting very little traffic. We’ve been to Ireland and Greenland, and we have five teams left. If you want the full update and can’t find it elsewhere, at this point I should direct you to the Facebook group.

As for what I have coming, I’m throwing you all a curveball here. I want to try an entire season of proposition bets, be they on baseball, other sports, or even award shows and the like. Or, if desired, I could do the entire thing with baseball, since there are certainly enough games to use. This Survivor will be built with speed in mind – we would eliminate two people a week as we move fairly quickly toward a finish. If it’s entirely a baseball season, I may keep it to those at my baseball site, if there are enough dudes and Pepper who want to participate.

Some won’t be into this, but given the fact that I won’t be on the hook to create intricate challenges, I’ll be free to run some Werewolf games for the weary.

I do still like the idea of a Survivor season (or Big Brother season) built by the players. As in, everyone who wants to play the season brings in a favorite challenge from seasons past.

I also love Turbo Writing Survivor, and would like to run a third one soon. Above all, I want all three of these seasons to primarily run here (the baseball and Turbo Writing ones for sure) and during that time I’ll have no real presence over at the Facebook group.

Okay, gang. Back to running challenges. Drop your thoughts, if you have them.

Welcome, potential prosers to… Wait, wait! Hear me out. Don’t just look at who authored the post and leave. Especially because I’m only partially responsible for this. The other half is everyone’s favorite Colin (I assume I don’t need to specify, but let’s just say it’s not Wolfson).

So here’s the pitch… PWTP gives us all sorts of amazing writing challenges, but one type of challenge that it hasn’t given us is group challenges. Sometimes people hate group challenges, but sometimes people love them (I should have led with the loving part, right?). We’ve seen them in Spookymilk Survivor before (for example here and here). Much like regular PWTP, the difficulty and length of submissions will change from time to time. Probably a little bit more so here. Sometimes the submissions will be pretty minimal (think “20 Questions” if you’ve seen that played here before), and sometimes they’ll be about a regular PWTP length. We’ll never ask too much of any one player – that’s the point of groups, right?

Every week you’d get a new group, decided randomly, and everyone in that group would be trusted to participate. Scoring might need to be adjusted slightly, depending on the nature of any particular challenge, but for the most part I think we’d try to just give a group score. Sometimes we’d have big groups, sometimes small groups. Ultimately, the more often your team does well, the better you as an individual will do in the rankings. After the regular season the top half of players would enter the playoffs, and we’d still use group challenges to whittle it down to a final 2. Those 2 would then draft a team from the eliminated players to complete the final challenge.

In order for this to work, we’d probably need at least 15 players. So sign up today!

For this challenge, writers were tasked to write a story that could believably appear on the Twilight Zone. A writer’s family obligations pushed this one back a couple of weeks, and then a death in my family pushed it another. Well, the way this season went, it’s hard to argue that this shouldn’t have happened at the end.

Here are your final results.

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I just want to thank everyone for their patience, and as always, their decision to hang out here.

My grandfather’s death was tougher on me than I thought, and also opened me up to a lot of other things going on in my family, some of which required my attention. On top of that, I had a loaded weekend this last weekend, which had been planned for a long while.

PwtP results will come soon, and I hope to have a G&M2 challenge up today as well.

The Dubai World Cup, as with most shady horse races, was marred by double-dealing and subterfuge. Catch the fever!

When the dust cleared, Rogue Two (Joe Rakstad and Mike Tomera) still had the fewest points, and were…not eliminated, as this was the second of three non-elimination stages.

Here’s the updated table. Rogue Two hangs on by a thread, with the Macho Brochachoes not far ahead.

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First, the results of the March Madness tournament. Wildly enough, each team sent one person to the second round. In the end, Chris Dykhoff won the tournament to send Ain’t So Chard into first place, while the team of “no name yet” – Zach Schmidt and Rene Pare – fell and were eliminated.

Here are the current standings for the seven remaining teams.

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I really liked Bowl the Vole, but it’s probably tough to read and follow for viewers. Anyway, Chloroform Perfume (Colin Wolfson and Melissa David) stormed up the table with the win, and afterward, we lost In and Out of Sobriety (Carrie Bard and Stacy Snell), who are now able to enjoy their drinks again, after a strict diet of no alcohol during the season.

Here are your updated standings for the season.



Let’s keep it simple, gang. Well, not that the last challenge was particularly simple. So, let’s MAKE it simple.

There are sixteen of you sweet cats still in this game, and it’s March, so this beautiful confluence leads us to a bracketed tournament. The sixteen of you have been paired (mostly randomly, with the only exception being that you and your partners can’t possibly meet until the finals) and each of you have 1000 energy points to spend for the entire tournament.

For tonight, you will simply submit the number of points you want to spend to attempt to win your “game” against your first opponent. Full integers only – no halves or anything. Then for the second round, we will do the same, and whatever you spent in the first round is gone. We’ll do this until we have a final winner; at the final four, you submit points against your opponent and then the winner of the finals will be the one who got there with more points left.
If the two of you submit the same number of points, you will be asked to submit *again* to break that tie. You will spend all of your original bid, plus the tiebreaker.

Those who lose in the first round will gain one mile. If you lose in the second round, you get three. Third round, you get six. The runner-up will get ten miles and the winner will get fifteen.

Here are the first round matchups, with the first submission due TONIGHT at 9pm Central:

Melissa David vs. Christopher Dykhoff
LizandMike Tomera vs. Jake TwoSheds Elliott
Zach Schmidt vs. Merry Monstergumby
Annette Barron vs. Pete Bruzek
Eric Schapp vs. Rene’ Pare’
Bernice Nystrom Nicaise vs. Joe n’Paula Rakstad
Ashton Stansel vs. Michelle Pratt
Erik Dikken vs. Colin Wolfson
Nonsubs will surrender all miles. I know that’s harsh, but dudes. It’s just one number I need. Cheers, Racers.

Let’s not mince words, folks: this was the best set of stories I ever read in a single challenge. This challenge seems like it repeatedly brings out the best in all of us, so expect me to run it heretofore into perpetuity. Maybe I’ll just do an entire Survivor season full of them and see how long it takes us to run out of ideas.

Anyway, you’ve been clamoring for results.

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Waltz Results.

That was a good time. Michelle Pratt suggested the stopwatch idea, and it turned out not to be nearly as difficult to run as I thought it would be. Anyway, Joe n’Paula Rakstad helps Rogue Two to surge upward, Accidental Brilliance retakes the lead, and we bid a fond farewell to The Limey Sheilas (Erin Leslie and Michael Deighton), whose Mini Cooper just plain ran out of gas.
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