DG’s Werewolf History Spreadsheet

Werewolf I: The Beginning
(September 18-20, 2011)
mod: greekhouse

Rachel (lynched day one, villager)
Beau (killed night one, villager)
Daneeka’s Ghost (lynched day two, werewolf)
meat (killed night two, seer villager)
hungry joe (lynched day three, werewolf)
freealonzo (killed night three, villager)
DK (lynched day four, villager)
nibbish (killed night four, villager)
bhiggum (lynched day five, villager)
Grey (as Colin Woolston) (killed night five, villager)
spookymilk (SURVIVED, Werewolf)

Werewolf II: Alien Abduction
(September 24-28, 2011)
mod: greekhouse

Beau (Angel, killed day 1)
(no death, night 2)
cheaptoy (Villager, killed day 2)
Spooky (Villager, killed night 2)
Meat (Werewolf, killed day 3)
Grey (as V) (Seer, killed night 3)
Rob (Werewolf, killed day 4)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Villager, killed night 4)
SBG (Villager, killed day 5)
DK (Villager, killed night 5)
loislane29 (Werewolf, killed day 6)
bhiggum (Villager, killed night 6)
Rachel Dwyer (Villager, mod-killed day 7)
Hungry Joe (Werewolf, killed day 7)
adobery (SURVIVED, Villager)
nibbish (SURVIVED, Villager)
strategery (SURVIVED, Villager)
Will Young (SURVIVED, Villager)

Werewolf III: Speakeasy
(September 30-October 4, 2011)
mod: spookymilk

hungry joe (lynched day one, villager)
adobery (killed night one, villager)
Beau (lynched day two, wolf)
greekhouse (killed night two, villager)
Grey (lynched day three, wolf)
Daneeka’s Ghost (killed night three, villager)
cheaptoy (lynched day four, wolf)
strategery (killed night four, villager)
freealonzo (lynched day five, wolf)
bhiggum (SURVIVED, Villager)
DK (SURVIVED, Villager)
meat (SURVIVED, Villager)
nibbish (SURVIVED, Villager)
Rachel Dwyer (SURVIVED, Villager)
SBG (SURVIVED, Villager)
Will Young (SURVIVED, Villager)

Werewolf IV: Werewolves in South Park
(October 13-16, 2011)
mod: greekhouse

cheaptoy (Stan, beaten to a pulp, day 1)
nibbish (Villager, killed for being a “richer”, night 1)
Meat (Wolf, made into bad chilli, day 2)
Spooky (Villager, killed by gay lap dogs, night 2)
DK (Kyle, died of food poisoning, night 2)
adobery (Wolf, killed by Butters’ dancing, day 3)
Grey (Kenny, shot out of a Kenny launcher, night 3)
bhiggum (Villager, killed by flying Kenny, night 3)
strategery (Wolf, choked on Chef’s chocolate salty balls, day 4)
AMR (Seer, crushed by MechaStreisand, night 4)
SBG (Wolf, turned into a cactus, day 5)
Beau (Villager, SURVIVED)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Cartman, SURVIVED)
Grey (Kenny, SURVIVED)
Hungry Joe (Villager, SURVIVED)
Will Young (Villager, SURVIVED)

Werewolf V: Springfield
(October 23-26, 2011)
mod: spookymilk

TDO (Marge, lynched day one)
greekhouse (Mayor Quimby, killed night one)
hungry joe (Homer, lynched day two)
Grey (Frank Grimes, crushed day two)
bhiggum (Maggie, killed night two)
adobery (Lenny, blown up day three)
strategery (Smithers, suicide bomb, day three)
meat (Mr. Burns, fell to death day three)
rob (Ned Flanders, killed night three)
cranberrysucks (Snake, shot day four)
cheaptoy (Bart, SURVIVED)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Helen Lovejoy, SURVIVED)
The Dread Pirate (Lisa, SURVIVED)
nibbish (Moe, SURVIVED)
Topher (Carl, SURVIVED)

Werewolf VI: Star Trek
(October 31-November 4, 2011)
mod: Beau

adobery (Lieutenant Commander Worf, launched from promenade, day 1)
nibbish (Commander Katherine Pulaski, MD, pulverized, night 1)
kg2005 (Elim Garak, poisoned, day 2)
greekhouse (Ensign, electrocuted, night 2)
grey (Changeling, caught in the act, day 3)
meat (Counselor Deanna Troi, knifed, night 3)
TDO (Odo, ubiquitous, day 4)
rob (Chakotay, almost saved, night 4)
spookymilk (Changeling, adrift, day 5)
Dread Pirate (Captain Kirk, drowned, night 5)
cheaptoy (Federation, killed by Starfleet’s finest, day 6)
DK (Captain Sisco, sung with the fat lady, night 6)
bhiggum (Quark, alive, and getting richer, SURVIVED)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Changeling, Taking over the Federation, SURVIVED)

Werewolf VII: Christmastime
(December 13-16, 2011)
mod: greekhouse

Daneeka’s Ghost (nice, lynched, day 1)
bhiggum (nice, set ablaze, night 1)
cheaptoy (nice, frozen, day 2)
adobery (nice, bludgeoned to death, night 2)
nibbish (naughty, choked on feces, day 3)
Spooky (Santa Claus, died of alcohol poisoning, night 3)
Grey (naughty, died in a train wreck, day 4)
Beau (Satan Claus, SURVIVED)
Will Young (nice, SURVIVED)

Werewolf VIII: The Parish
(December 19-22, 2011)
mod: Grey

TDO (Holy, lynched day 1)
nibbish (Father Ted, Killed night 1)
adobery (Holy, lynched day 2
Daneeka’s Ghost (Father Dougal, killed night 2)
thealmightyguru (unholy lynched day 3)
bhiggum (unholy lynched day 4)
kg2005 (Mrs Doyle, killed night 4)
The Dread Pirate (unholy lynched day 5)
Beau (holy, SURVIVED)
cheaptoy (holy, SURVIVED)
MBNovak (holy, SURVIVED)
spookymilk (holy, SURVIVED)

Werewolf IX: Werewolves in Florin
(January 2-8, 2012)
mod: The Dread Pirate

strategery (villager) lynched day 1
Grey (R.O.U.S.) killed night 1
Beau (Fezzik) lynched day 2
kg2005 (Inigo Montoya) killed night 2
bhiggum (Prince Humperdinck) lynched day 3
loislane (Vizzini) killed night 3
freealonzo (Yellin) lynched, sort of, day 4
mbnovak (villager) killed night 4
GreekHouse (villager) mercifully killed, day 5
spookymilk (villager) killed, night 5
hungry joe (villager) killed day 6
TDO (villager) killed night 6
nibbish (villager) killed night 6
cheaptoy (villager) killed night 6
adobery (wolf, SURVIVED)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Count Rugen, SURVIVED)

Werewolf X: Hero Town
(January 16-18, 2012)
mod: spookymilk

Dread Pirate (Villain, killed day one)
kg2005 (Hero, killed night one)
greekhouse (Villain, killed day two)
daneeka’s ghost (Hero, killed night two)
Grey (Villain, killed day three)
adobery (Hero, SURVIVED)
Beau (Hero, SURVIVED)
bhiggum (Hero, SURVIVED)
cheaptoy (Hero, SURVIVED)
MBNovak (Hero, SURVIVED)
nibbish (Hero, SURVIVED)

Werewolf XI: Werewolves in Harlan County, Kentucky
(January 23-27, 2012)
mod: DK

meat (villager, lynched Day 1)
daneeka’s ghost (villager, tossed down a mine shaft Night 1)
spookymilk (Dickie Bennett, shotgunned as he limped, Day 2)
nibbish (Tim Gutterson, drowned in Apple Pie, Night 2)
cheaptoy (villager, shot by Raylan, Night 2)
TDO (villager, mauled by a rabid badger, Day 3)
Grey (villager, couldn’t see it coming, Night 3)
Beau (Doyle Bennett, Fire in the Hole! Day 4)
bhiggum (Raylan Givens, probably should’ve gone to Glynco, Night 4)
~greekhouse~ (Boyd Crowder, victorious)
Dread Pirate (villager, killed Day 5)
mbnovak (villager, killed Night 5)
strategery (Art Mullen, killed Night 5)
kg2005 (Mags Bennett, SURVIVED)

Werewolf XII: Twist
(January 30-February 3, 2012)
mod: KG

bhiggum (Wolf, burned alive, day 1)
strategery (Villager, partied to death, night 1)
Dread Pirate (Villager, exploding pirate ship, day 2)
spookymilk (Seer, bulldozed, night 2)
Grey (Villager, seppuku, day 3)
cheaptoy (Wolf, arrow to the knee, day 4)
greekhouse (Villager, outrage, night 4)
nibbish (Wolf, touched by an angel, day 5)
daneekasghost (Angel, SURVIVED)
meat (Villager, SURVIVED)
TDO (Villager, SURVIVED)

Werewolf XIII: Rome
(February 13-15, 2012)
mod: greekhouse

bhiggum (Roman, trampled during phallus instigated riot, Day 1)
mbnovak (Praetorian Guard #2, died yearning for lust, Night 1)
cheaptoy (Roman, killed by a harlot, Day 2)
rob (Marcus Aurelius, died committing a crime against nature, Night 2)
Dread Pirate (Wolf, convicted by RNA evidence, Day 3)
Spooky (Roman, killed by hamsters?, Night 3)
Beau (Roman, died, Day 4)
KG (Cleopatra, killed by the wolves, Night 4)
nibbish (Mark Antony, killed by the wolves, Night 4)
strategery (Praetorian Guard #1, assassinated by DG, Night 4)
bhiggum (Roman, killed in broad daylight, Day 5)
meat (Roman, killed in broad daylight, Day 5)
Daneeka’s Ghost (Pertinax, SURVIVED)
Grey (Wolf, SURVIVED)