It has been one week since I escaped with my life from that lycan-infested Massachusetts town. Hours upon hours were spent sifting through newspapers, archives, and furry blogs trying to sniff out any hint of our predators, but to no avail. I thought words might be our salvation, but they were the noise that nearly buried us. Those damned words. There must be a better way.

I have since gathered like-minded individuals to help build a settlement somewhere in Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi. The river is quite turbulent, and every time you turn around there’s one of those masked varmints, but one member of our party assures me they are one of God’s most magnificent creatures.

Things are moving along swiftly. The village has been hard at work constructing shelter, finding food, and setting up shops and services. I have taken to the arduous task of writing up our constitution and a basic system of codes and ethics. I am well into the filling up the second legal pad, but it is important these things are explained with great care and detail so that we get this right. Words to stop words. I believe I am failing already.

I fear our escape was short-lived. Tonight, while tending to a humble stew of mushrooms and questionable meat, an unmistakable howling rose from somewhere far back in the woods. I do not know how they tracked us all the way to this end of the world. It could be they were with us all along. I must warn the village.

The Journalist finished reading the last entry just as his/her Apprentice came running into the room.

“Sir/Madam! I just came from the…”

“Shhh!” the Journalist quickly cut her/him off.

“…the town bulletin board. There was a…”

“Shhhhhh!” the Journalist hissed.

“…but it…”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh!” She/he stepped forward and snatched the piece of paper from the Apprentice’s hands. It read….



Day will end at 9 p.m. CST.
8 votes needed for majority (minimum of 3 votes on a player required for lynching)

There will be no gunshots on Day 1.

mbnovak has been voted the right to make a special post today. He does not have to, but if he does it must be before I call day’s end at 9 p.m. or before a majority vote were to happen against him.


The village
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