Sorry I took so long, Houseguests. It was harder than I expected to keep coming up with BOB games I liked that weren’t going to take effing forever. But first, your nominations:

May Danderfluff: “I’ve chosen to nominate Jameson Handytrousers and The Sacred Pillow for elimination.”

Christy Bubblepumpkin: “I will nominate Carlos and Spatula.”

Jameson and Pillow will face Carlos and Spatula in a repurposed Gods and Mortals challenge: All on the Line. In this case, we’re not doing “Gods” and “Mortals”; in the BB House, you’re all Mortals. So Jameson and Carlos will be “Category A” and Pillow and Spatula will be “Category B”.

There’s a number line from 1-500. You will place yourself on an integer. This is the entirety of what I need from you.

Your score will be as such:

The distance from your fellow category above or below you + the distance to the closest player from the other category.

If you sit on the same space as your category, you will both get zero for the first aspect of the challenge. If you sit on the same space as one from the other category, you’ll get a zero for that part.

If you’re closest to the beginning, your points will be equal to your distance from zero. If you’re closest to the end, your points will be equal to your distance from 501. These are both unless you’re doubled up.

There’s an example round here, although that involves many more hypothetical players, of course. This could be weird with much fewer, or it could be cool.

The final caveat I will add is that the winning BOB team is whichever one has the individual with the highest score. Make sense? This is not a collective or added together score, in other words.

Send me your numbers by Tuesday night at 8 PM Central. If you don’t send me anything, of course, you will receive one BB strike.

Hey, gang. Now that my vacation is over and I’m somewhat settled again, I can finally get back to business. “Silly online games” being “business,” of course.

Sheeple: It’ll start Monday the 9th. If you’ve already signed up over at Cutthroat Junction, great. If not, do so now.

nibbish and yickit’s title match: I’ll send you something sometime today.

Werewolf: Novak has announced that he’ll run a game, also starting the 9th. This shouldn’t give dual players of Sheeple and Werewolf too much trouble, since Sheeple doesn’t require a ton of emailing. Plus, people are eliminated quickly in Werewolf.

Play with the Prose: Unlimited: This is happening. I think waiting until at least the Sheeple/Werewolf pair is done is probably the way to go.

The Gauntlet and Spookymilk Survivor XVII: These will be the next two “main events,” probably in that order. I’ll run The Gauntlet for sure, and most likely both. Geoff also pitched this weird idea to me a while back that might be worth trying (and is somewhat related to an idea I once had, but it’s so much…grosser, which is kind of intriguing). And then there’s Gods and Mortals, which a few folks have said they want to play again. If you have any feelings on all of this, speak.

Anything else? Any new ideas? Exciting times, CdLers.

Christy Bubblepumpkin and May Danderfluff are your new Heads of Household.

Here’s the sheet.

The BB Randomizer selected May to nominate first. May’s and Christy’s nominations are due by Monday night at 8 PM Central.

So let’s see…is anybody lying to anybody else? I don’t know, does Julie Chen talk like a robot?

Vote 1: Fat Mabel.

Vote 2: Fat Mabel.

Vote 3: Prisca Sandybanks. “Nothing personal; you’re a great gal, but I think you may be running with a bad crowd.”

Vote 4: Prisca Sandybanks.

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You guys figure out that I hate doing intros for these yet? Can I make that into a tradition and then say it’s outdated?

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Okay, Houseguests. Let’s make this official, first:

The fifth Houseguest evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 is

Greg “Vance Fancy-Pance” Stipp

Moving onwards, you voted 6 to 4 for Option 2, which entails playing towards another elimination here before the next HOH cycle commences. Pillow first was given the choice of using the Power of Veto won in Dual Manipulation on Prisca or not; Pillow chose not to use the Power of Veto in this case.

That means Jameson needed to nominate another Houseguest alongside Prisca (Pillow, Carlos, and Lester all being safe due to winning POV or BOB already this cycle). Jameson chose to nominate Princess Spatula.

So Jameson, Prisca, and Spatula will compete for another Power of Veto along with these Houseguests selected by the BB Randomizer:

Gilgamesh, Carlos, and Christy.

The prompt you six will be writing for is The Chicken Dance. In this story, the lead character’s obsession with tradition has left him or her isolated. This can be the story of that isolation, or the story of when the character finds out this will be the case, or the story of a character who has yet to realize what his failure to adapt means. Why is it called The Chicken Dance? I don’t know (okay, I do know, but it’s Kelly’s tale, so he should tell it).

You will have 550 words again for this one. Pepper and I will judge these and the highest medal scorer will win the Power of Veto. If any tie needs breaking, this time Pepper’s medals alone will decide that. These stories will be due Thursday night at 8 PM Central, and then we’ll get to our sixth elimination.

No time for an intro. Let’s read some stories!!!

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Jameson is the remaining HOH. Prisca and Vance are the current remaining nominees. Those three will be playing this POV comp with these players selected by the BB Randomizer:

Carlos, Pillow, and May.

This challenge is called Dual Manipulation. You are to write a story in which two (or more) characters are trying to manipulate each other. By the end of the scene, they both/all believe that they have succeeded.

That’s it. Kelly once ran this with a 550 word limit, so we’ll go with that this time too. I would like these stories by Sunday night at 8 PM Central. Pepper and I will judge them and the highest total medal winner will win the POV. If there’s a tie that needs breaking, this time, my medals alone will decide it.

Please remember to send to using your game emails. Good luck, Houseguests.

Here we go.

Black links are unbroken, red links are broken (in case that wasn’t obvious). Remember, any “player” on your side whose links (or link, in case of the players on the ends) are all broken are “out” and can’t be sent against the other side.

Carlos and Lester have won the Battle of the Block. It was a bit of a rout, to be honest. Those two are now safe for the rest of this cycle, and Pillow is removed from HOH. Vance did not ever submit a move for his pair, so he has now received his third BB strike. If he receives another strike, he will be removed from the game.

The Veto challenge post will be going up momentarily, so watch for that.

Nominations are in. Jameson’s up first, and he’s nominated:

Vance (his penalty nomination) and Prisca.

The Pillow has chosen to nominate: Lester and Carlos.

Those two pairs will be competing for safety in the game Red Rover.

You will be lining up five people in an order of your choosing, and you have 30 strength points to disperse among them. On each turn, you will send one of your players to try to break a link between two on the other team. You will not know how the other team attributed their strength points.

If your attacker is worth 18 points and the link he attacks is between players with 10 and 6, he breaks the link. If it’s between players with 10 and 10, he will be told the link is not broken. 18 points will be removed from that link’s power, although I will not tell the attacking team how close they got to breaking the link.

A player is out of the game when the links on both sides of him are broken. Of course, a person at the end only has one link protecting him. The first team to break all the other team’s links has won the challenge.

I’ll give both pairs a list of names to use as their “players”. The names don’t really matter, and nobody else has to do anything for this other than the actual nominees; this is just so that you guys are lining them up and putting strength points between them.

Prisca/Vance’s Team

Carlos/Lester’s Team

One team will take the first move, and the next will take moves two and three. From then on, it’s always two moves at a time. I’m going to do my best to set somewhat shorter deadlines for most of this so we can move it along a little faster. We’ll see how that goes.

Same rules for submitting as we did last time (in the Shoving Match) will be in effect. Each of the pair is required to submit a move for your team at least once. After that, you can have either one of you submit everything else if you want. Since we have to do initial placements, whichever of you sends those can have that count as your submission, for instance. If one player in a pair never sends anything for this game, though, that will count as one BB strike.

I’m going to ask for initial placements by Tuesday at 2 PM Central cause I can probably get up and get them set up tomorrow after that. If you guys are around tonight, though, please feel free to send them in sooner and then I’ll make the first turn due then instead. Good luck, Houseguests.

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