Lester has chosen to nominate:

Carlos and Mabel.

Since, of course, Mabel is not allowed to play in Veto challenges, Carlos and Lester will be joined by…

oh, yeah. Sorry. I mean, Lester, Carlos and Mabel will be joined in this challenge by

Pillow, May, and Gilgamesh.

This challenge is called What Was Lost. Your task is to write a story in which a character makes a great sacrifice, or a series of sacrifices, to accomplish something. Once the Thing is accomplished, the character’s sacrifices have changed him or her in a way that now makes him or her such a different person, they no longer covet the Thing.

I’ll give you 450 words for this one. I’ll say Pepper’s medals control in case of any ties. The highest medal scorer will win the Power of Veto. We’ll make this due Thursday night at 8 PM Central. Good luck, Houseguests.

Check out this colorful monstrosity (with two tabs for the House board and the Jury board):


If you just want numbers, here you go:

Gilgamesh: 86 points
Prisca: 51
Jameson: 39

Lester: 130 points
Spatula: 67
Carlos: 50
Christy: 21
Mabel: 0
May: 0

Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh won the Jury board and will now re-enter the game, with a full chance to win Big Brother as the rest of the Houseguests. Gilgamesh, you can go back into Diplochat and engage in conversations there at your leisure. Jameson and Prisca, I will re-open the Jury Room Google document for you to commiserate with each other shortly.

Meanwhile, Lester Sweetums is your new, sole Head of Household. Lester, please send me two choices for nomination by Monday night at 8 PM Central. Then we’ll get right to the next Power of Veto competition.

Sure, we’ll see who’s up.


It occurred to spookymilk that the passage of time in this game made no sense. Why would anyone stay in a bar for multiple nights when people were getting slaughtered (in the bad way)? And yet, I kind of set up that this wasn’t one long night by having it become St. Patrick’s Day.

The village had continue to kill their loudest talkers, hoping that this was the key to getting out alive; in their defense, one of those times, they were right. But last night had dealt a blow, and Zee German was determined to get it right at long last. He pulled out his graduated cylinders, his calculator and protractor and did some tests that were too technical to explain. The point is, he excitedly jumped on the table and exclaimed, “I know who the wolves are! And those names are -”

A disgusted onlooker pointed at ZG’s midsection. “Oh, son of a bitch,” Zee said, looking down and realizing the wolves had gored him while he excitedly did his tests. He fell on the pile and the party continued.

Guy Patterson (day 1, villager, welcomed poorly)
todahshy (night 1, Angel Face, wasn’t wearing green)
beezypoof (day 2, villager, apathetically asphyxiated)
The Dread Pirate (night 2, Green Eyes, too cool for school)
Inkarnit (day 3, Quiet Sunday, yeah)
kg2005 (night 3, villager, champagne room)
Colin (day 4, villager, world hates facts)
Zee German (night 4, villager, tests were too protracted)

Four is a majority. Due at 9pm Central. My schedule changed so I’ll be around at the deadline, though gone for most of the day.

Here we go, Houseguests. There’s some major game information after the eviction is completed in this post that you’ll want to make note of carefully. For now we’ll get to the votes, which have some much more impressive commentary than last time.

Vote 1: “Surprisingly, I’m a little sad to see him go, but I must vote to evict Jameson and his Handytrousers.”

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The party was on, because a wolf was dead! Granted, given which wolf it was, there was probably going to be about a 400% drop in comments.

Three of the five bartenders were dead – in short order – and the crowd was getting surly. “I’ll have a Surly Furious,” nibbish said, eager to illustrate my point.

Meanwhile, kg was off in the champagne room to enjoy some extracurricular activity. Yes, the place was laid out like a strip club for some reason. He became the second mostly-nude casualty of the day. A fully-nude Melissa, who’d been approaching him, let his corpse be. Because that’s where she draws the line.

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Twenty(+) minute days, ten minute nights. Who wants in?

I have to update Sheeple, too, but that can wait if necessary. No rush (sorry).

The Dread Pirate

I doubt many of you are up, but I am, so here’s your early post.

“Wow,” spookymilk said into the phone, drunkenly. “This isn’t the beatdown that the wolves suffered the first time they visited the speakeasy.”

“It’s because I’m not there,” replied DK. Damn, wouldn’t it be handy if he were around?

buxtonlovah and kg2005 continued to twerk, desperate to impress some buxom wenches in attendance. Unfortunately, it was 1931 and twerking wouldn’t be hip for 82 years or so. nettiebarron played solitaire strip poker, where everyone wins! nibbish rounded out the cast, because I’m almost positive I haven’t mentioned him yet.

In a dark corner, the Dread Pirate coolly puffed on a cigarette and displayed a rugged apathy with what was happening, as was the manner of the time. Sadly, this concentrated coolness was of no help once the wolves saw him in the corner, attempting to blend in.

Ohhhhhh, villagers. Nothing comes easy.

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It was already a late night, as evidenced by spookymilk falling asleep with the new post open and titled, but without any content. The village was irritated with him for sleeping so damn long. Well, eight hours, but that’s a long time for him.

“Wake up, man,” beezypoof insisted. “It’s St. Patrick’s Day. You’re one of those mutts who identifies as Irish, right?”

It WAS right. spookymilk peeled himself off the floor, fought his way over to the bar and ordered another drink, ready to celebrate. As he got himself a dry Irish red from the tap, he noticed that todahshy was laying in a pool of blood behind the bar. The poor bastard wasn’t wearing green, and the wolves had pinched him to death.

Guy Patterson (day 1, villager, welcomed poorly)
todahshy (night 1, Angel Face, wasn’t wearing green)
The Dread Pirate
Zee German

Here you go.

There are only three of you left after the second round. Pillow never sent a move and so is eliminated for nonsubbing (as well as falling off the lead pace, anyway) and will receive its first BB strike.


Spatula won the Veto. I probably won’t update this post again tonight, but of course Spatula can decide to use it on herself (or May if she wants) and then as will presumably be necessary, Pillow will have some time to make a replacement nomination.

Sorry, forgot to update this since I told you all what happened already last night. Spatula used the veto, Pillow nominated Jameson, the vote is between Jameson and May. The five of you voting, the eviction vote is due by Thursday night at 8 PM Central.

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