Put on your creative hats again for this one, gang! But not you, person who got tenth place. Let’s see who you are.

Vote One: Hey You (self-vote).

Vote Two: Beef Stew (self-vote).

Vote Three: Hey You.

Vote Four: Beef Stew.

Vote Five: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Six: Hey You.
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Mass Exodus!

No immunities.

Two nonsubs happened in this one: Hey You and Beef Stew. As a result, they will not vote, and would normally have three nonsub votes instead. Because of the weird circumstances surrounding each, I’m just doing one self-vote for each (which probably won’t change what was going to happen, but whatever).

The other eight of you, please vote by tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9pm Central.

This could take some time.

Only two people are out. Tomorrow we’ll do deadlines at 4, 7 and 9 Central. I work during the first one but I’ll update from there. We may not need all those turns, but we’ll see. For the first move, we’ll eliminate violet and run with five colors.

I had this challenge title well before I knew how the challenge would run (this happens a lot). Too bad Mr. Rainbow isn’t around anymore, eh? He juuuuuust barely missed this challenge.

For our purposes, we’ll do a six-color rainbow, because whose eyes perceive the difference between indigo and violet anyway, right????

SO: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. In that order.

For this challenge, the only thing you have to do is stand on one of those colors. Just choose one and send it to me. It’s your shortest submission of the season, right?

To survive a round, you must be standing next to a color that contains the exact same number of people that are standing on yours. If you stand on yellow with one other person, then either orange or green must also contain exactly two people. If neither is the same, you’re out of the challenge.

There is a very good chance this will only take one turn, and there’s also a good chance there will be no Immunities. Once a turn ends and there are three or fewer people left, those people will be Immune. If a turn goes by and nobody is eliminated, I’ll probably eliminate a color for the next turn.

You have until Monday night at 9pm Central to choose your color. Hopefully we’ll eliminate someone by Tuesday night and get right after another one. I have a specific challenge I’d like to run for Friday, which is Independence Day for all you Statesiders left in the group, but it wouldn’t actually contain any hard work on your part during the day. If I fall out of love with it before then, I’ll do something else.

Cheers, Survivors.

Well, cooking. Cooking, cooking, cooking. We sure did read about cooking. I’m never sad that I tried something, but this one didn’t inspire people on the level of, say, the casket challenge. Hopefully we’ve got some interesting ones left. If we don’t, though, it’s still been a fine season. Anyway, on we go.
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The challenge, Rainbow Road, will go up late tonight or tomorrow night. Work has been unseasonably busy.

Vote One: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Two: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Three: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Four: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Five: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Six: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Seven: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Eight: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Nine: Harold Biscuits. “They’re too delicious to live.”

Vote Ten: Graveyard Nuggets. “This game is killing me. I won’t be surprised with a totally different outcome.”
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At work, so you get the quick version.

Here’s your spreadsheet; I will update here and email you when results are live.

Go there. Next move due tomorrow at 4pm Central unless there’s a real good reason it can’t be. We’ll attempt to be done sometime tomorrow.

In case it comes up, points are applied all at once. If someone with four remaining gets four taken away and one added, they will survive.

Move 1: No eliminations, but a few are on the brink.

Move 2: Three are gone. Next move due at 7pm Central.

Move 3: Nuggets went out, and we’re on the home stretch.

Move 4: We’re done. Three Immuniteers.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, gang. What a vote. Let’s get to it.

Vote O…

…wait, what’s this?

Interesting Salmon strides up to me, and kneels before me with a lock box. He produces the key, and after I slowly turn it, raising the tension for the benefit of those watching on TV, the contents are revealed: it is the rarely seen Golden Salmon.

Fun Fact: Golden Salmon double as Immunity Idols.

Any votes cast for Interesting Salmon will not count.

Vote One: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Two: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Three: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Four: Interesting Salmon. “Fun fact: I have actually quite enjoyed playing with you and I wish you all the best.”

Vote Five: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Six: Interesting Salmon. “I vote for Salmon to leave tonight….not such a fun fact I suppose….”

Vote Six and a Half: Reese has produced his extra vote, which is for Interesting Salmon.

That’s seven votes for…well, nobody. The rest is under the jump.
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Wow. With just three left out of medals, it was brutal to decide who those left out would be. This was another very strong week, as I’m pretty sure it usually is when I offer an afterlife prompt.

Dig in.
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If you’ll remember, and most of you don’t, I made a very strong note early on in the game that you didn’t want your identity to be given up.

So, today, Immunity goes not to those who successfully named the most, but to those who were guessed the least. Initially I was going to make only 3-4 people available for voting after this challenge, but it seemed a bit unforgiving, even for me.

I have four people who were guessed either zero or one time. They’re beneath the jump. This isn’t a long enough post to warrant a jump, but showmanship counts, you know?
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