Hey, gang. Big Brother is still chugging along, Sheeple is (hopefully) in its death throes and the Royal Rumble looms fantastically just over the horizon.

So, when a couple of enterprising young go-getters introduce themselves to a site mod and ask if they can take a game off of his plate, dude says yes.


Listen to Annette Barron:





It’s time to head back to the 80s and Shermer High School.

Spooky has agreed to let Bernice and I run an anonymous survivor season here on CdL. Of course, this will be after Sheeple, Royal Rumble and Big Brother, so we’re looking at sometime in February at the earliest. The theme will be The Breakfast Club, so if you’ve been living under a rock (or you’re Ash), please take this time to watch the movie.

It’s guaranteed to either be a disastrous failure of epic proportions or a rolicking good time. Either way, you don’t wanna miss it. Since it is anonymous, don’t sign up here in the comments. Send an email to us at shermerhighoffice@gmail.com. Names will be available for you to pick from once we get the separate tribes set up (The Basket Cases, The Criminals, The Athletes and The Princesses a/k/a The Popular Crowd). This will be established by random.org; we’re not pointing any fingers, at least publically.


“May I have your attention please? Dan has won Survivor. This is kind of a big deal. Thank you. Carry on.”

The wolves were stunned by the announcement. A save was made, and no one died.

* Adobery (killed night 0, seer/angel combo. Man, you really could have used this guy)
* sherrymac (villager, drunkenly shot by Inkarnit)
* KG (villager, dozed off at the wrong time)
* Colin Prime (villager, REALLY getting into his character)
* Ashton (villager, caught playing hooky)
* nettiebarr (seer, heck of a soundtrack to one’s demise, though)
* spookymilk (wolf, seer, if we have to…I guess)

* Beau
* Dread Pirate
* Inkarnit
* mbnovak
* Orlando Gloopgloop
* violabeenice
* Zee Germans

Two wolves remain. Majority is four. Night falls at 9pm.

This was a good one, gang. The season, the finalists, the vote. DK and Pepper tangled in the finals once before, but I think Pepper would agree that she was slightly out of her depth there in comparison to now (and indeed, in comparison to her very next game, which she won). Seeing the two of them recreate the finals a couple years later, now on equal footing in many ways, was an absolute blast for me to watch.

It’s probably always a little bit obvious who I think should be the winner when I talk about games; this time I can gladly say I had two horses in the race, which is more fun than one and infinitely more fun than zero.

Let’s get to the votes, in order of the players’ elimination. Votes are, as always, to win.

Ken Krouner

I vote for Pepper to win.

Bret Highum

I’m voting for Pepper. I think Dan did a great job of building alliances, but so did Pepper. My deciding factor is that she won the immunities she needed in order to vote out people who weren’t with her.

Matt Novak

I’ve thought a lot about what I want to say with my vote. The other jurors know how I feel about what went down, and I could well vote out of emotion here. One of the finalists understands juror management, one of them clearly doesn’t (indeed, one of them hit exactly the right notes for me, and, even if those notes weren’t sincere, that just shows a different type of skill that should be rewarded).

But in reading the final pleas, I think a very clear case is made for one over the other.

Pepper’s answers show she played the game with an eye towards surviving.
But Dan’s answers show he played the game with an eye towards winning.

I thought I might be casting a vote against Pepper. But I’m not. I’m casting a vote For DK.

I don’t know if Dan will win, but he is clearly one of the best to ever play this game, and I sincerely hope he does.

Jared Cedar

I vote for Pepper to win

Jonathon Pope has done the impossible, and out-worded Novak by literally hundreds.

I expected this to be easier. There were a things in each person’s final statement that stuck out to me.

From Pepper:

It appeared that Pope was going to vote with the remaining members of Willy, which meant that my T3AM-mates and I were at a disadvantage.

It’s worth pointing out that this might not have been the case if anyone besides Matt had reached out to me at all.

…I also played a game in which I was vulnerable to being voted out, and each time, the majority of players decided they’d rather vote someone else out.

Right? RIGHT? This is easily the most baffling part of this game to me, and worth noting. I understand from Novak’s point of view, but why there was never any traction for a Pepper vote was hard to understand. And of course, my openness about trying to make one happen was at least part of my undoing.

From DK:

You’re a really good and slippery liar, and I mean that as praise, for sure.

Thanks! I try not to lie in game, but it’s unavoidable at times, to be sure.

That group formed the core of the group that first split up Bret and Pope, and then, when I decided the time was right, we moved against Matt and Annette.

Well. This just makes me wish I’d actually teamed up with Bret. Not sure that it would have changed anything, but still.

I did that by playing along with big threats like Matt and Annette when I needed to, taking the initiative to build new groups with people like Pepper and Zack when I needed to, and making the right calls at the right times about when to vote out former allies.

That seems like a good summation. Both games were played well, and this was a tougher decision than I expected. But I have to go with

Voting DK.

Annette Barron

I thought I knew how I was going to vote. Kudos to both of you for great answers and making me uncertain again. Pepper, I could read your stories all day long. But I think the winning move here was convincing Pope to throw the tie. Therefore, my vote is for Dan.


That’s 3-3. Gotta love this right here.

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I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all / I see it all…

For the love of GOD, Annette!” shouted Mr. McKamey, “for the last time, Swans is not appropriate haunted house fare. Take your weird hipster music and throw it in the garbage.”

He opened the door to the audio room.

“Can’t you just put on ‘Monster Mash’ or someth….” he trailed off.

There, slumped over the control board, was Annette.

The house was going to miss Annette. She saw things the way they were.

* Adobery (killed night 0, seer/angel combo. Man, you really could have used this guy)
* sherrymac (villager, drunkenly shot by Inkarnit)
* KG (villager, dozed off at the wrong time)
* Colin Prime (villager, REALLY getting into his character)
* Ashton (villager, caught playing hooky)
* nettiebarr (seer, heck of a soundtrack to one’s demise, though)

* Beau
* Dread Pirate
* Inkarnit
* mbnovak
* Orlando Gloopgloop
* spookymilk
* violabeenice
* Zee Germans

It’s 5 to 3. No pressure, village.


Today’s position is GRUDGE BEARING SPIRIT.

I need two names from two different people. The first will haunt the second, constantly pestering them about ‘what they did’. Imagination is a plus.

Under the jump.

Voters, have votes to me by tomorrow night at 9pm Central.

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“It’s sad, really. Haunted houses used to be so much cooler.”

“I know! I mean look at the zombies, here. They don’t even look….dead.”

In their dismissive state, Bret and Rivet didn’t even notice the propped up corpse of Colin Prime in the graveyard. He really tied the whole scene together – a flawless performance.

* Adobery (killed night 0, seer/angel combo. Man, you really could have used this guy)
* sherrymac (villager, drunkenly shot by Inkarnit)
* KG (villager, dozed off at the wrong time)
* Colin Prime (villager, REALLY getting into his character)

* Ashton
* Beau
* Dread Pirate
* Inkarnit
* mbnovak
* nettiebarr
* Orlando Gloopgloop
* spookymilk
* violabeenice
* Zee Germans

Three wolves remain. Six is a majority. Night falls at 9pm.

Help wanted!

Today’s role is JUMPY COFFIN GHOUL. This person will begin each new post by shouting incomprehensibly. Every. Single. Time.

“…all I’m saying is that vanilla has a much deeper flavor profile than it’s given credit for. If you really wanted to name a varient of a game after something that’s no frills and straight to the point, you should call it ‘chocolate’ or something” Higgs continued.

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Six for each of you, DK and Pepper.

Intended deadline is Monday night at 9 Central. Let me know if this is unrealistic and I’ll extend for a day.

Also, you’re allowed a jury plea as well. I’d make a word limit, but Novak isn’t in the final two so we’re probably good. The jury plea will be posted below the answers on the post.

Thus spake Christina Pepper:

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For such a weird prompt, we ended up with some stories that were fairly grounded in reality (okay, one was a spy story, but it wasn’t bloated and extravagant). Three very different attacks made for a fun last read.

Thanks to Bernice Nicaise for being our gatherer this season, and to Brendan Bonham and Matthew Gilman for being just as irritatingly judgmental as I am, thus allowing this whole thing to work.

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

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