Homestar was on the verge of uncovering a huge conspiracy, and he knew it. “I’ve questioned Mr. Shmallow, Tim Duncan, and a bag of four grapes, and all answers point to the same thing.”

“Those are…my grapes, Homestar,” Strong Sad sighed.

“What? Was somebody talking?”

“No,” said everyone but Strong Sad.

“After careful deliberation, I have chosen to point a finger at…THE KING OF TOOOOWN!”

“Sorry, Homestar. I was night-killed! Time to feast, since I’m home from the island” The King of Town said, chewing on a leg of something or other.

“THAT’S MYYYY LEG!” Strong Mad screamed from the corner of eliminated people, and hurled The King of Town across the room.

Homestar looked at the suspects: Strong Bad. Coach Z. Bubs. Strong Bad. Pom Pom. Strong Bad. Dripping Yellow Madness. Strong Bad. Something was standing out to him, but what?

beezypoof (Day One, villager (The Poopsmith), had shit to do)
daneekasghost (Night One, seer (Marzipan), organizing a bake sale)
Colin Prime (Day Two, wolf (The Cheat), Meh meh meh meh)
todahshy (Night Two, villager (Homsar), SB is out of patience)
The Dread Pirate (Day Three, wolf (Strong Mad), pissed at Trogdor)
ash10101 (Night Three, villager (King of Town), thought it was Survivor)

Three’s a majority. If we finish day four early and a villager is killed, we’ll do the deciding day today as well.

“Homestar, you haven’t said anything for five friggin’ days!” Strong Bad wailed. “If I just tell you I’m a wolf, can I go?”

“That’s just what a villager would WANT me to think!!!”

“What? No it isn’t!” Strong Bad and Strong Mad decided to night lynch Homsar in full view of everyone and we continued on.

I’m on my phone and HTML is being a pill. Homsar was todahshy, a regular villager. Seven of you remain and four is a majority.


Holy shamoles. For the second challenge in a row, we have the same narrative: Billy Beaners win comfortably, and late heroics push Moistest Alou ahead of Intentional Balk.

Here they are.

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Sorry, gang. Meant to do this when I woke up but ended up having a long talk with the elder daughter about an issue at school, after which this was out of my head.

Anyway, daneekasghost was killed. He was Marzipan, the seer.

Hello. My name is Homestar Runner, and this is a website!


Homestar donned his detective cap and scanned the room. Was it The Poopsmith? Was it Bubs? Certainly, Coach Z had a kind of evil flashing in his eye.

“We all know why we’re here,” Homestar said. “We need to find out WHO! The werewolves are in this gaaaaame of Werewoooooolf.”

“Homestar, we literally just finished the game of Werewolf. It was me, Strong Mad and The Cheat,” Strong Bad said.

“Oh, I’m PWETTY sure I’d remember something like that,” Homestar said. “I VOTE FOR SENOR CARDGAGE!”

“Senor Cardgage isn’t even friggin here!” Strong Bad said. “And yet you voted for him every single day.”

“That’s just a Werewolf would WANT me to think!” Homestar said, pounding his…fist, or whatever, since he doesn’t have visible arms. “I accuse STRONG BAD of being…A WEREWOLF!”

“Homestar, he was a Werewolf. The game is over,” Marzipan sighed.

“So you admit I’m on the wight twack!”

It was clear to all in the room that they were about to start their twelfth game of Werewolf that day, in the hopes of getting it out of Homestar’s system.

Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate

NIGHT will be called at 9pm Central.

It’s pretty simple, frankly.

There are eleven players:

Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate

Eleven is tough. Three wolves seems excessive, and two seems too difficult for the wolves. So we’re going to make three wolves, but also give the village both a seer and an angel.

The wolves will have a seer as well.

Marzipan. Seer. She does tend to come off as the most intelligent of the gang.

Homestar Runner. Angel. He’s just so damned good-hearted.

Strong Bad. Evil Seer. But let’s face it – he’s not TOO evil. This flavor text will hopefully be as playful as the series. The other wolves will be Strong Mad and The Cheat, but they won’t really figure in to powers.

Okay, gang. First day will open at 9am Central and finish at…9pm Central. For the life of me I can never remember our usual. If this is a pain in the ass for anyone, say so now.

I do know that some of you are totally gone for the weekend. For this reason, we’ll probably stop play on Saturday and Sunday. However, I’m open to a single “day” played out on the weekend depending on availability.

Roles will be emailed in the next hour or so. Wolves will be able to talk all night, and BOTH seers will have a night zero peek.

…so I can get an odd number of players (and just more players in general).

That’s all.

We’re about a week in. I meant to update before this, but I didn’t. ANYWAY…

Tribes were chosen at random. They are below the jump, along with the first results, first elimination and second ongoing results:
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I’d love to start tomorrow or the next day. I’m off this week and next, and would hate to see that go by without a game.

As stated on my Facebook group page, I’m going ahead with a baseball-themed season of Survivor (all challenges will be based on predicting MLB outcomes). The season should move relatively quickly, with a couple of eliminations a week planned.

If you want in, let me know. I’ll be posting season stuff here as well as there, though most conversation is likely to happen in Facebook messenger.

In the meantime, I’ll be building another season of strategic challenges or writing challenges. Given the ease of running the baseball season, I may do some of this concurrently.

Anyway, if you’re in for the baseball season, let me know, gang. I would get a post up tonight if possible.

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