Fun night out with the family last night, gang. If I had known how quick this would be to update, I may have done it anyway.

I was obsessed about tiebreak scenarios that would never come. This one was kind of a slaughter.

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If you’re anything like me, final five, your favorite part of the game has been one thing and one alone:

Cursed f(*&in’ idols. I mean, wow, gang. We lost two people that weren’t even in peril at the time of their demise (although this is very hard to be sure of, since this game has been delightfully unpredictable).

So now it’s time for each of you to curse each other in the hopes of shutting them up. I admit I want to make a crack about Colin Wolfson here, but he’s long gone in the game and I don’t know if he’s even paying attention.

You will each make a list of twenty six-letter words. That is twenty words of six letters each, not a list of words with 26 letters in them. That would probably suck.

You will also curse a letter for each of the other players. It can be the same across the board, or it can be different for each person.

You will send all of this by tomorrow night (Friday) at 9pm Central.

The winner will be the one who is cursed the least by their list of words. If you utter a word with any of your four “death letters,” you will not be able to say the word, as it is cursed. If six of your words are cursed, your score will be 14.

If any letters are doubled up (or more) on a single person, a random letter will be generated against them and I will not announce it to anyone. It will pay to talk to people.

Tiebreakers: if two or more people are tied with the number of safe words, the winner will be the one who was cursed by the fewest overall letters.

Everyone good? Okay, cool. A couple people have been begging for a word challenge, so there you go. Cheers, Students.

Final votes to win, as well as comments.

Complete voting spreadsheet.

Home stretch, Students. Let’s see how your alliances are looking.

Vote One: Hermione Granger.

Vote Two: Gregory Goyle.
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There’s no time crunch on the final two forums thanks to Influence and Wine going away, so we’ll just roll into the next forum when this one is done and play it, you know, into perpetuity or whatever.

Three targets:


Four targets.


Here you go.

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Three targets. Ay dios mio!

The Dread Pirate

Hey, gang. Long few days here, as half my house has had strep throat, and a quarter of it is me, taking care of everyone. Then I learned there were only nine stories and I cried until I stopped.

It seems there are 13 “regular” writers at this point, though a couple serial non-submitters are on the ropes. There were two golds, two silvers and two bronzes from each judge this week.

There was a HUGE usage of italics in the stories this week, so instead of working in all kinds of HTML, I went ahead and made you a document:

Here are your results.

As for this Sunday, due the same time and with the same word limit:

“The Lonely”
Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Jack Smight
Originally broadcast Nov. 13, 1959

Jack Warden played Corry, a convict sentenced to a solitary life on an asteroid millions of miles from Earth. When the crew of the yearly supply ship leaves him a special package, he finds it contains a life-like robot (Jean Marsh, the future star of “Upstairs, Downstairs”). Though initially contemptuous of a mechanical creature that appears to only mimic the emotions of a woman, Corry and “Alicia” develop a relationship that predates the movie “Her” by several decades.

You will write a story about a character who has been isolated from society for a very long time (“a very long time” shall be defined by you). The story should include his or her first contact with another being, of any kind, since their isolation began. Cheers, Prosers.

Four targets:


Link to voting spreadsheet

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I: Rachel "The Double-Dealer" Flynn

II: Ryan "The Snake" Fossum

III: Patrick "The Gentleman" Kozicky

IV: Brienne "The Submitter" Maner

V: Rusty "The Porn Star" Greene

VI: Brooks "The Unlikely Hero" Maki

VII: William "The Soulful" Schuth

VIII: Brooks "The Survivor" Maki

IX: Zack "The Ice Cream Man" Sauvageau

X: Pete "The Vacuum Cleaner" Bruzek

Turbo: Brooks "The 1956-1979 Montreal Canadiens" Maki

XI: Matt "The Cold-Hearted Motherf*&^er" Novak

All-Stars (XII): Andy "The Quiet Man" Rustleund

XIII: Sarah "Clarence's Hope" Bizek

XIV: Dan "The Professional" Kautz

XV: Christina "Assault And" Pepper

XVI: Matt "The First-Time Player" Novak

XVII: Stacy "Saintly Patience" Snell

XVIII: Brian "Checkmate" David

XIX: Annette "Eammon for the Top" Barron

I: Dragging Rivet's Name Through the Mud One Last Time: Matt Novak (Ultragrandpa) and Michael Rivet (Friph Flipher-Fiph)

I: Brooks "Oh, for the Love of God" Maki
II: Michael "#DDB" Rivet
III: Pete "Fortune's Fool" Bruzek
IV: Erin "All Seven and We'll Watch Them Fall" Leslie

2014: Brooks "The Creator" Maki
2015: Matt "The Artist" Novak
2016: Matt "Waited Them Out" Novak

Kelly "Yes, He's a Player Too" Wells

Link to the Cutthroat Junction site. Over there, we do once-a-month strategic mega-games while the champion defends his title in a one-on-one. Head over to see how it works.

2013: #21 Greg "The Gallant Glutton of Greatness" Johnson
2014: #29 Jonathon "Big Papa" Pope
2015: #8 Christina "Am I in This?" Pepper
2016: #22 Annette "No Backs Stabbed" Barron

(Writing, non-elimination)
I: Sarah "Centipede Face" Johnson
II: Sarah "The Johnson Eliminator" Wreisner
III: Colin "Lonely Old Moon" Woolston
IV: Melissa "Not Sidebar Material" Diamond
V: Sama "No Family Reunions" Smith
VI: Sarah "Tumor Face" Wreisner
VII: John "Cult Following" Wreisner
VIII: Joshua "Peed the Bed" Longman

WEREWOLF (most recent)

Werewolf Stats Spreadsheet

I (Pure): Matthew "The Obsessor" Gilman
I (Power): Kelly "The Novak-Destroyer" Wells

I: Matt "Exploiter of Worlds" Novak (France)


Hannah Abbott
Cho Chang
Anthony Goldstein
Gregory Goyle
Neville Longbottom


11th: Luna Lovegood
10th: Blaise Zabini
9th: Harry Potter
8th: Vincent Crabbe
7th: Ginny Weasley
6th: Hermione Granger


28th: Amber Keyster
27th: Jared Mitchell
26th: David Tucker
25th: Sama Smith
24th: Jesse Vance
23rd: Michael Deighton
22nd: Rene Pare
21st: Colin Woolston
20th: Colin Wolfson
19th: Joseph Rakstad
18th: Shelbi Sarver
17th: Susan Walker
16th: Bret Highum
15th: Jamie Frost
14th: Eric Schapp
13th: Annette Barron
12th: Stacy Snell