It is nearing 3 o’clock in the morning. The Dread Pirate has been a statue, hiding in the shadows outside of spookymilk’s house since dark. He decides spookymilk is safe for the night, and takes a few steps towards the road.

“Hello, Mr. Pirate,” he/she says.

The Dread Pirate sees a glowing pair of eyes staring at him from not ten feet away. He pulls out his trusty Swiss Army knife. He turns his head slightly to the left, not daring to take his eyes off the werewolf, and yells, “Don’t worry spookymilk! Stay inside! I’m not going to let him/her lay a filthy paw on you.”

He takes a defensive stance, knife at the ready. The wolf howls. The Dread Pirates lets out a furious yell of his own.


Another morning has arrived. The villagers all gather in the square fearing the worst. There is another dead body lying face down in the square.

Melissa D takes one look at the body, then does a quick head count. Not liking her odds, she pulls out a can of spray paint, quickly tags the bulletin board with something lewd and hightails it for the forest shouting, “Gotta bounce, bitches!”

The villagers return their attention to the body. spookymilk sticks his shoe underneath and rolls it over.

“Fuckpillows, it’s The Dread Pirate” spookymilk curses, “Nibbish, what the hell man?! Why didn’t you kills Higgs?”

“Hey. I came by your place to talk about it and you were all like ‘Cowin won’t weave me awone. I too scared to come out and pway’,” counters Nibbish.

“Fuck you, Nibbish. I’m over 600 years old. I ain’t afraid of nuthin'” roars spookymilk.

“Guys. Will you two shut the hell up?” says Violabeenice. “I haven’t been able to hunt in days. Can we please get on with this?”

The wolves turn towards the villagers. Codefox reaches for his empty holster. Bhiggum rips open his shirt, proudly displaying his finely crafted bullet-proof vest. ash10101 makes some curious sign with his hands. They are ready(?) for battle. Who will win?

The wolves do. All is perfectly quiet in Taciturnsville once aga….




nettiebarron: Mayor, voted out of office
mbnovak: Courter, Heart broken
BigPapaJonTheElf: Priest, lynched mostly correctly
Beezy: Medium, lynched wolf-style
Todahshy: Apprentice Journalist, gunned down like by a fox
Beau: Mason 1, prop in a wolf taunt
Colin Prime: Journalist, gunned down in his peak heyday zenith something
The Dread Pirate:  Bodyguard, corkscrewed
Codefox: Gunsmith
Bhiggum: Blacksmith
ash10101: Mason 2

Melissa D: Delinquent

spookymilk: Ancient Wolf
Nibbish: Wolf Charmer
Violabeenice: Wolf Cub


Night / Day Actions