Big Brother I
February – June, 2013
Moderator: Dan Kautz

Big Brother was a hell of a thing; it seemed the obvious eliminations took forever but once it got interesting we moved at warp speed. It was an anonymous game that’s close enough to Survivor to excite our regulars, but different enough to give them fits. Seems like the right way to abuse the CdL faithful.

The game got wild at about the midpoint, and didn’t let up. It was anybody’s game. Then the guy who’s won everything already was the winner. Ahem.

Head of Household: The Spread
The Spread: Ongoing Results
The Spread: Final Results
Power of Veto: Knots
Knots: Ongoing Results
Elimination One
Head of Household: Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble: Ongoing Results
Power of Veto: Chess Blocker
Chess Blocker Results
Elimination Two; Hide Yourself
Head of Household: Poison Email
Poison Email: Results
Power of Veto: Gold Rush
Gold Rush: Results
Elimination Three; Head of Household: Hangman
Hangman: Ongoing Results
Zingbot 8000
Power of Veto: Spookyghost Jackson’s The Lottery
The Lottery: Results
Elimination Four; Head of Household: Rome
Rome: Results
Power of Veto: Catch Me if You Can
Results: Catch Me if You Can
Elimination Five; Head of Household: Poker Hands
Results: Poker Hands
Power of Veto: Spookymilk Sheeple
Results: Spookymilk Sheeple
Head of Household: Snakes on a Plane
Results: Snakes on a Plane
Power of Veto: Minefield
Results: Minefield
Elimination Seven
Head of Household: DK’s Grid Challenge
Results: DK’s Grid Challenge
Power of Veto: Battleship
Results: Battleship
Elimination Eight
Head of Household Part I: Sequence
Head of Household Part II: Stratego
Results: Stratego
Head of Household Part III: Arimaa
Results: Arimaa; Elimination Nine
Jury Questions Answered
The End

Big Brother II
January – ?, 2015
Moderator: Dan Kautz; additional writing judging by Christina Pepper

It’s still early, so you get no flavor text.

Head of Household: Giant Mexican Standoff (Will Young)
Ongoing Results: Giant Mexican Standoff
Nominations; Battle of the Block: Damn Mutants (spookymilk)
Results: Damn Mutants
Power of Veto: Gold Rush (spookymilk)
Ongoing Results: Gold Rush
Elimination One; Head of Household: Rome (spookymilk)
Ongoing Results: Rome
Nominations; Battle of the Block: Shoving Match (spookymilk)
Results: Shoving Match
Power of Veto: Old Job, New Job (spookymilk)
Results: Old Job, New Job
Eliminations Two and Three; Head of Household: Lights Out (spookymilk)
Results: Lights Out
Nominations; Hide Yourself; Battle of the Block: The Omega Man (spookymilk)
Results: The Omega Man
Power of Veto: The Till Goldworthy Memorial Lottery (spookymilk)
Results: The Till Goldworthy Memorial Lottery
Elimination Four; Head of Household: Bantam Bulwyr (traditional online writing competition)
Results: Bantam Bulwyr
Nominations; Battle of the Block: Red Rover
Results: Red Rover (mbnovak)
Power of Veto: Dual Manipulation (spookymilk)
Results: Dual Manipulation
Elimination Five; Updated Nominations; Power of Veto 2: The Chicken Dance (spookymilk)