Soon, we’ll be down to only seven Houseguests left. This season is flying by. This next HOH challenge should only take a couple days, too, as you’ll see in a moment. The bad part of that is, I have to decide on the next Veto challenge sooner, but the good part is, we get to find out what happens next in the game sooner! But first, let’s get to the votes for the next player to be evicted.

Vote One: Till Goldworthy. “Anybody who “LOLs” that much has something up his sleeve.”

Vote Two: Till Goldworthy. “Sorry, old man.”

Vote Three: Till Goldworthy.

Vote Four: Till Goldworthy.

Vote Five: Till Goldworthy. “This was a hard vote to make and I look forward to your google plus updates from the jury house.”

I’m looking forward to those, too.

By a vote of 5 to 0, the fourth player evicted from Casa de Leche Big Brother, and the second member of the Jury, is

Till Goldworthy

Ol’ Till will now be off to join Crockett in the Jury House. For the remaining seven of you, the power is again up for grabs. As outgoing HOH, Silver will not be eligible to compete. The other six of you will be playing a little game we like to call Rome.

In ancient Rome, as you may know, everyone wanted to gain power. But those who gained it were the most vulnerable to having it snatched from them, along with their lives.

In this game, you’ll be voting to assassinate someone each turn. The player with the most votes against them that turn will be out of the challenge. Everyone’s eligible for the first turn’s vote. Starting on the second turn, however, and continuing for the rest of the challenge, only the people who voted for the previously eliminated player will be eligible for that turn’s assassination. Make sense? Every successful vote you make gets you closer to HOH, but it also leaves you open to lose the challenge the next turn.

Everyone who’s still in the challenge will vote every time, even if you weren’t in “power” after the previous vote. There won’t be that many turns of this, so any non-sub will result in your elimination from the challenge and receiving one BB strike.

If there are any ties in the votes, the player who received all their eventual votes first by email timestamps will be the one killed. Once we get to two players left, if it’s necessary, the HOH winner will be the player who was in on the most eliminations. If that’s a tie, we’ll do a BB Random Number Guessing Game.

I’ll post all the votes every turn, so you know who’s eligible for the next vote. We’ll do 12 hours per turn, like I was going to do the last Veto challenge, except for this first turn. The first one will be due by Thursday (tomorrow) at noon Central. Good night, Houseguests.