The villagers all head to the square first thing in the morning to discuss a possible memorial service for Todahshy, and what to do about Codefox.

“Hey, who was supposed to bury Todahshy?” someone asks.

“I was,” says someone else, “I did it before dinner last night, why?”

“What! Then who the hell is that?”

The villagers walk over to the bulletin board where Todah was shot the day before. A body is lying face down in the dirt, exactly where Todahshy had been. Someone rolls him over and the villagers collectively gasp.

“It’s a wolf!” someone shouts joyfully.
“Oh heavens, that’s the scruffiest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on,” declares another.

The villagers are jubilant and start to exchange hugs and handshakes in celebration of the good news. They all begin to sing. There is but one skeptical villager who kneels down and takes a closer look at the furry face.

“Everybody. Everybody! Shut up! You fools, that’s Beau. Apparently he was growing out his mutton chops again.”

Day ends at 9 p.m.  5 votes needed for a majority, 3 minimum to be lynched.
Spooky has the option of making a special post today.


nettiebarron: Mayor, voted out of office
mbnovak: Courter, Heart broken
BigPapaJonTheElf: Priest, lynched mostly correctly
Beezy: villager, lynched wolf-style
Todahshy: villager, gunned down like by a fox
Beau: villager, prop in a wolf taunt

The village
The Dread Pirate
Melissa D
Colin Prime