Following are the rules for the game we’ll play with all three players as Part 1 of the final Head of Household challenge. I’ll put the time we get scheduled for it right here as soon as we know what it is: scheduled as of now for Tuesday at 10 PM Central.

I was going to do something else, then I was going to do this, then I was going to do something else, and finally I came back to this: I made up a spreadsheet version of the board game Sequence (not-fun fact: I went to high school with the son of the guy who originally designed it). It’s not hard to learn, and should be fairly balanced for three players.

You’ll each be assigned a color (you can see those on the board). You’ll start the game by being dealt 6 cards from a 104-card deck (two full decks minus the jokers). Each turn, you’ll play one of the cards in your hand by telling me which, and one of the spaces on the board that corresponds to that card will be filled with your color (you’ll let me know which one you want to fill if they’re both currently open). You’ll then be dealt another card. The goal of the game is to fill 5 spaces in any direction, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, with your color.

The Jacks are special in this game (they don’t have spaces on the board). With the Jack of diamonds and clubs (the two-eyed Jacks), you can play it and fill any space on the board you choose. With the Jack of hearts and spades (the one-eyed Jacks), you may, instead of filling a space your color, remove one of your opponents’ filled spaces.

The four corners are counted as if they are already filled for every player, so any of you would only need to fill 4 spaces that connect to a corner to win.

If on your turn, you hold a card whose spaces are both already filled, you can turn it in to me and I’ll deal you a replacement card, and you can then play your turn as normal.

We’ll play in order of most prior challenge wins this season: Silver has 5, Blimp 3, and Barnaby 2.

Whomever reaches a 5-space filled sequence (or 4 spaces connected to a corner) first will win Part 1 of the final HoH challenge and advance to Part 3.

Here’s the board. If you haven’t, please let me know if you know what your schedule looks like this week in the evenings for playing this and the other parts of the final challenge. It’d be great if we could stage them all live, both because they’re games that work best that way, and it’s more fun for everyone to watch.