Nominations are in. Jameson’s up first, and he’s nominated:

Vance (his penalty nomination) and Prisca.

The Pillow has chosen to nominate: Lester and Carlos.

Those two pairs will be competing for safety in the game Red Rover.

You will be lining up five people in an order of your choosing, and you have 30 strength points to disperse among them. On each turn, you will send one of your players to try to break a link between two on the other team. You will not know how the other team attributed their strength points.

If your attacker is worth 18 points and the link he attacks is between players with 10 and 6, he breaks the link. If it’s between players with 10 and 10, he will be told the link is not broken. 18 points will be removed from that link’s power, although I will not tell the attacking team how close they got to breaking the link.

A player is out of the game when the links on both sides of him are broken. Of course, a person at the end only has one link protecting him. The first team to break all the other team’s links has won the challenge.

I’ll give both pairs a list of names to use as their “players”. The names don’t really matter, and nobody else has to do anything for this other than the actual nominees; this is just so that you guys are lining them up and putting strength points between them.

Prisca/Vance’s Team

Carlos/Lester’s Team

One team will take the first move, and the next will take moves two and three. From then on, it’s always two moves at a time. I’m going to do my best to set somewhat shorter deadlines for most of this so we can move it along a little faster. We’ll see how that goes.

Same rules for submitting as we did last time (in the Shoving Match) will be in effect. Each of the pair is required to submit a move for your team at least once. After that, you can have either one of you submit everything else if you want. Since we have to do initial placements, whichever of you sends those can have that count as your submission, for instance. If one player in a pair never sends anything for this game, though, that will count as one BB strike.

I’m going to ask for initial placements by Tuesday at 2 PM Central cause I can probably get up and get them set up tomorrow after that. If you guys are around tonight, though, please feel free to send them in sooner and then I’ll make the first turn due then instead. Good luck, Houseguests.