Silver recognized his opponent had reached an unavoidable winning position, and so has conceded. That means Gone With the Blimp has won the final HoH competition of the season. Blimp will advance to the final two, and must now choose which of Barnaby or Silver to evict to become the final Jury member, while the other will join him in facing the Jury vote for the winner of Big Brother.

Blimp will technically have till 9 PM Central Tuesday (tomorrow) to make the final eviction. I’ll put it up here when it’s in. Then it’ll be time for the Jury to prepare their questions for the finalists, so, jurors…get prepared to prepare.

UPDATE…behind a jump.

Blimp’s Decision: Silver Berzerker. “Silver, you deserve to be in the final two, but after spending a lot of time trying to get rid of you over the past couple of weeks, I’m not sure I could live it down if I didn’t exercise the option when I had the chance. Very good game.”

The ninth elimination from Casa de Leche Big Brother, and the seventh member of the Jury, is

Silver Berzerker

This means our final two consists of Barnaby Winstringham and Gone With the Blimp. The seven members of the Jury will cast a vote for either of these two players to award the winner of Big Brother. But first, if the Jurors have questions to ask the finalists in order to help make their decision, they will be allowed to do so. Jurors may submit one question for each finalist by Wednesday at 9 PM Central. I’ll collect the questions, pass them on to the finalists, and give them time to form their answers as well as their final statements on why they deserve to win the game. After those are in, we’ll get to the final Jury vote, declare the winner, and then reveal everyone’s true identity.