Round 1:

Johnny/Vance (137) def. Brant/Dusty (26)

Round 2:

Brant/Dusty (364) def. Johnny/Vance (205)

So Round 3 consists of:

Johnny/Vance (158) def. Brant/Dusty (110)

This means Johnny and Vance win the second Battle of the Block. But really, Vance won this on his own, as Johnny nonsubbed again. This is his third strike, so although he is safe for the rest of this cycle, if he nonsubs again on the next eviction vote, he will be automatically eliminated.

In the meantime, Lester is removed from HOH, leaving The Sacred Pillow in power and its nominees, Ham-Hands Brant and Dusty Rutabaga on the block. I’ll make a new post with the Veto competition coming up shortly.