Okay, Houseguests. Let’s make this official, first:

The fifth Houseguest evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 is

Greg “Vance Fancy-Pance” Stipp

Moving onwards, you voted 6 to 4 for Option 2, which entails playing towards another elimination here before the next HOH cycle commences. Pillow first was given the choice of using the Power of Veto won in Dual Manipulation on Prisca or not; Pillow chose not to use the Power of Veto in this case.

That means Jameson needed to nominate another Houseguest alongside Prisca (Pillow, Carlos, and Lester all being safe due to winning POV or BOB already this cycle). Jameson chose to nominate Princess Spatula.

So Jameson, Prisca, and Spatula will compete for another Power of Veto along with these Houseguests selected by the BB Randomizer:

Gilgamesh, Carlos, and Christy.

The prompt you six will be writing for is The Chicken Dance. In this story, the lead character’s obsession with tradition has left him or her isolated. This can be the story of that isolation, or the story of when the character finds out this will be the case, or the story of a character who has yet to realize what his failure to adapt means. Why is it called The Chicken Dance? I don’t know (okay, I do know, but it’s Kelly’s tale, so he should tell it).

You will have 550 words again for this one. Pepper and I will judge these and the highest medal scorer will win the Power of Veto. If any tie needs breaking, this time Pepper’s medals alone will decide that. These stories will be due Thursday night at 8 PM Central, and then we’ll get to our sixth elimination.