Programming Note: if you’d like to play in Survivor VIII, let me know. I have stupidly half-committed to starting in December. If your inclusion is conditional, just go ahead and have me add you to the list, and let me know if I have to remove you if the time comes.


Well hey there, guys. Remember Big Mak? That little scientist guy who won last time and got sixth this time? Well, way back in the second month of the game, he won a challenge to create the final challenge in the game. Here it is, abridged only in that I removed a joke at my expense:


The Toynbee Challenge

Today is the day that the time machine returns from its journey. You have been offered the chance to interview the intrepid time-traveler and write a piece for your website/magazine/newspaper/personal diary.

Write a story that details the time-traveling journey, and any interesting events experienced either on the journey, or once the past/future destination was reached.


Something in the present has been changed by the actions of the traveler (anything goes, from large scale to seemingly unimportant changes). Whether the assembled multitudes are aware of the change is left up the submitter.

The time-traveler is (thanks to an online vote) either an athlete or a TV/movie star. The other remaining Spookymilk Survivor contestant(s) must also make token appearances. Appearances by Kelly Wells (either one) and/or Beau are frowned upon.

1 – Creativity in the manner in which the guidelines are followed (i.e. – your choice of famous time traveler and consequence) (0-5 points)
2 – Hilarity (or poignance if things take a dramatic turn) of the cameo(s) by the other contestant(s) (0-5 points)
3 – Integration of the time-travel consequence. How well does the change serve the plot? (0-5 points)
4 – Overall enjoyabilitude (0-5 points)


Wow, I still just love this challenge. We’ll stick with Mak’s scoring structure, too, ’cause it’s solid. The Survivor who racks up the most points between the two of us will win Survivor and forever live in, um, similar circumstances to those they live in now. Their name will be on the sidebar, though, so there’s that.

It’s due on Saturday night, November 6th, at 10pm Central.

In the case of a tie, the winner will be the one who scored highest with me, because it’s my game, Beau, so shut up. If there’s still a tie, the next tiebreaker will be #4 in Mak’s structure, then #3, #2 and finally #1. If this still amazingly results in a tie, any tied players will do another challenge, because seven months isn’t too long to spend with this game, right?

Cheers, Survivors. You have been enjoyed.