Last week your characters couldn’t talk.  Now they’re going to talk quite a bit.

Your challenge is to create an interrogation scene with one suspect and one or more interrogators.  They can be a detective and a perp but they certainly don’t have to be.  Choose any conflict or style you wish.  There is, of course, one caveat.  By the end of this interrogation, the tables will turn, with something damning being discovered about the interrogator(s).  In other words, the power will wind up in the hands of the original suspect.

Due at the usual time.  I think everyone has a feel for the length we want out of these entries.   No word limit, but don’t go crazy.  Over 1,000 words and we might hate you.

Unlike last week, you guys are no longer on teams.  From here on out, you are all on your own, fighting for survival.  Spook and I will judge each entry and award IMMUNITY to the one contestant we think outperformed the others.  We may choose the same person, or we may each pick a different favorite and wind up with two players who are immune.  Then everyone will try to gang up on someone who isn’t immune in order to survive.

In case of tiebreaker, we plan on looking back through the entire contest and see how the tied contestants fared each week against the other.  It’s complex and will take us a long time to figure out, so try not to tie anyone.  Of course, if there is a non-submitter, he will get automatic elimination.