(Edited to reflect the team names. By the way, I love all three of these team names for totally different reasons)

The dice have been rolled, the straws have been drawn, and the judges have been bribed with sex and alcohol, resulting in these three teams of seven:

Sarah Bizek
Tara Kinney
Sam Landman
Josh Mitchell
Ian Pratt
Joseph Rakstad
Scott Stearley

Shawn Ashley
Dean Carlson
Drew Geraets
Dan Kautz
Brooks Maki
Matt Novak
John Youker

Nathan Bahls
Peter Bruzek
Dave Johnson
Tanya Laumann
Tom Morgan
Ryan Sorrell
Ben Thietje

Respond here with a name for your teams…I’ll take the first one unless there’s more discussion among the team. If you want to talk amongst each other first, go ahead. If you want to be a dick and name it yourself, go ahead.

Everyone’s sent me his or her email address, so the game is probably less than a week away. Once I’m home (yes, this is how I spend my breaks at work), I can send out email addresses for your team if you request it.

Cheers, Survivors. Survivor VII may have been the best ever – it was certainly in the top two – so don’t let me down, damn you.