Survivors, if you want a few more hours on the deadline for this opening challenge, you’ve got it. It’s now Saturday at 8pm Central. DK is a dirty, dirty Cornhuskers fan and will be attending their victory over the Gophers. Expect results on Sunday morningish, unless he’s sober enough to get to them on Saturday night.

Beau pitched this stupidly amazing idea to me of a Turbo Survivor: 16 people, a 20-30 minute challenge, and then 5-10 minutes to vote someone out, done on some Sunday that everyone is able to set aside. It’s probably a pipe dream, but if you have any interest in it at all, say so. Judging would be the most difficult, so I’d probably have to have a bunch of challenges ready that were objective, so most of the judging would fly by. Having another judge wouldn’t suck, either.