After the electrocution of DG, the townspeople return to their comfortable abodes to enjoy a peaceful evening at home. A light snow dusts the ground while Brandy Talore sits at home having some milk and cookies when she hears the music of Great White coming from outside. She opens the front door just in time to hear the music stop and see bhiggum‘s house burst into flames.

The entire village gathers around to watch the house burn to the ground. Two hours later, the fire department shows up to put out the fire. Their technique is both unorthodox and incompetent, as it simply involves dousing Beau in fish guts. He has been blessed with the gift of Fishmas Cheer*!

*Due to his horrific odor, the other townspeople are not allowed to respond to Beau or to acknowledge his existence in any way–except to disparage the way he smells. In addition, each other townsperson must vote for Beau at least once today and must leave their vote on him for at least 15 minutes.

Daneeka’s Ghost (nice, lynched, day 1)
bhiggum (nice, set ablaze, night 1)
Will Young

Night will begin at 10 PM EST. I will be entertaining a lady friend, so DG will take care of closing out the night for me. People with night roles can still send their picks to me tonight. I should be back in time for morning.

***IT IS DAY***