29 eliminations? What kind of ridiculous indulgence IS this?

Vote One: Interesting Salmon. “Sorry Salmon, this is ONLY because I view you as a more than worthy opponent and a big threat…purely a game move. I very much respect your game.”

Vote Two: Interesting Salmon. “Fun fact: this is survivor and in survivor, threats get voted out. Sorry!”

Vote Three: The History of Sass. “This sassy story shall now come to an end.”

Vote Four: The History of Sass.

Vote Five: Interesting Salmon.

Twenty-Ninth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor: Interesting Salmon

Well, I know who’s doing the graveyard walk with me…you f!*#ing bunch of sturgeon.

I think I have a new challenge for tonight, but I can’t decide if it’s brilliant or idiotic. Or maybe I’ll end up doing Battle Cats.

Cheers, Survivors.