Hey, Survivors! Your first post-merge challenge has to have you feeling nervous, right? I ran a challenge unlike any I’ve ever run (but perhaps like some I’ll run in the future; I like this collaborative stuff) and you seemed to rise to the challenge, writing big despite smaller concepts (mostly) than I imagined. You’ll see stories here gathered as complete two-part stories; it’s more fun that way.
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Fall, Caesar.

Let me know if you’re in.


I’ll be in Minnesota from August 31st-September 7th. The last couple of days will all be spent with family (it’s my brother’s wedding) but I want to see as many of you as possible while I’m there…we can have an awkward Survivor meeting because there’ll be about five people left in the game at that time.

Okay, only three remaining players are TC-based, so maybe it won’t be so weird. But we’ll be gearing up for XVI and nobody will be able to talk about it, so there’s that!

Hey, Gang. We’ve just merged but are too long from the deadline, so I’m antsy for activity. So, I’m going to bug you all with a commercial for what’s next.

Survivor XVI will directly follow this game and will be another anonymous strategy game. I had leaned toward making it non-anonymous but a few twists (cursed Immunity Idols!) have made that seem like a bad idea. The game is almost completely “done” already. Matthew Gilman will be supplying a few challenges, so get your brains engaged now, fair Survivors.

The Gauntlet (or something with a different name; I’m not married to this yet) will be after that. One of the many Colin Ws at the site told me about how “Last Comic Standing” works and I’m bringing it to an all-new game. Everyone will be in one “tribe,” to put it in Survivor terms. The first thing I’ll do is announce a challenge, and all of you will vote for someone to have to do the challenge. The person “voted out” will then challenge one person among those who voted for him to face in the challenge. The challenge loser is eliminated and we move merrily along to the next cycle. You could get to the end without doing a single challenge. That would be something.

As you were, Survivors. Keep playing a gripping game, if you would.

Ugh. This was a tough one. I’ll be kept up nights with this decision.

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So, the Walruses are here for the second time in three challenges after a good long streak of invincibility. This one didn’t feel obvious from the outside. Let’s see if the voters felt the same way.

Vote One: Brooks Maki.

Vote Two: Colin Woolston. “Look, you got 5 medal points while everyone else got 1 or 0 in the last challenge. We need our team to all be on the same page.”

Vote Three: Brooks Maki. “Brooks you’re my favorite person on the site, and a great writer. So… Sorry.”

Vote Four: Brooks Maki. “”I believe you will be most pleased with tonight’s meal.”

Master usually slobbered over his food, but tonight he took his time, savoring each bite.

“This one is called a Maki. One of a kind. Quite possibly the best game around.”

Master grunted with approval. Swingtack had done well tonight.”

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Damn, yo. I can’t keep throwing these word limits at you in the short term – predictably, most of you used as many words as possible – but this one produced results. I know some of you are backlogged and some avoid reading these altogether for whatever reason, but just do it for once, okay? You owe yourself these stories.

Onward, final thirteen.
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Alright, Survivors. In the wake of our second write-off we still have two new players, three women, three editors, one published author, one mermaid, a couple of former winners and many more players only in their second or third game.

I know what you’re thinking at this point of the game, and after that list: did he just say there was a mermaid playing? I know what else you’re thinking: is it time for the merge?

Nope, it’s not. We can’t be far off, for sure, but it doesn’t happen here.

Remember, your due date is Thursday the 24th at 1pm Central and you get…sigh…1500 words. It’s about a group of characters working toward a common goal, though one is secretly working against the goal.

This should hopefully be the last time I have to pitch a challenge days in advance. Also, you can be near damn certain that results won’t be up on Thursday, because besides the obvious word count thing, it’s not the best day for me (Friday should be great, but this particular Thursday is much better for DK).

By the 26th, we’ll get together again, eliminate someone, and maybe merge or maybe not. Cheers, Survivors.

No intro today, folks. Infidelity. It’s so wrong, it’s right. Wait, should I be saying that? Anyway let’s get after it.

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This game, guys. There’s always something.

Vote One: Rex Ogle. “MY VOTE IS FOR MYSELF.

why? Because, there’s no fair way to do this vote and everyone on my team is awesome and i don’t want to see anyone go. so, i pitched to them what i am saying to you know… 4 way write off. we each vote for ourself, and then we all 4 write off. best writer wins.

best of all? no backstabbing, lies, drama, hurt feelings, etc.

best of luck, gents. see ya on the flip side.”

Vote Two: Will Young.

Vote Three: Rex Ogle. “I would absolutely participate in the four- way throwdown, but since two teammates refuse to participate I’ll hope for a two – way instead. Vote Rex reluctantly.”
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Greetings, final fourteen. We’re having great fun with you. This week saw less in the way of wild ideas, but more in the way of execution. I thought this challenge would give us a lot of weird ideas but it just didn’t happen that way. Anyway, this is a boring way to say that once again, you entertained us, though not in the expected way. Alright…time to see who has to eliminate someone, since we certainly aren’t falling back on nonsubs again this time.
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