So…that just happened. I knew it was possible, and it was sort of a test, but someone in the game mentioned it might be changed if I run it again, and I will.

I also think it wouldn’t have been so straightforward if this was five or six challenges down the road, but hey, that’s true of every challenge, so whatever.

One single night of submissions and it’s over.

Your Immuniteers:

Groovy Loaf
Millicent Gloom
Radical Cabbage

Vote for someone else by Saturday night at 2pm Central. NOTE THIS STUPID TIME. I was asked to skip over Halloween, but I’ll have a hell of a time doing anything on Saturday night so this is damned near necessary unless I post extremely late. Alright, now be interesting for the next day and a half so the game keeps being awesome.

Cheers, Survivors.

Things are getting tough in there, Survivors. I hope you’re all ready for this. If not, though, that’s cool too (and perhaps funnier, if you’re the one getting eliminated).

Let’s get this running with ESV’s elimination.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The retired porn star, Brock Hardcastle, pulls a long shaft from his pants and produces it to me.

This is a hidden immunity idol. All votes cast for Brock Hardcastle will not count.

Vote One: Brock Hardcastle. “ It is with heavy heart that I must take it this far,

But my vote goes to Brock, Once-Again-Retired Porn Star.”

Vote Two: Brock Hardcastle. “This sets my stomach ill-at-ease because it’s a warning that nobody is safe. Brock came out guns blazing and never let up. He’s good. Maybe too good.”

Vote Three: Brock Hardcastle. “”This is prob going to feel like a knife in his back” Tom said pointedly”

Vote Four: Brock Hardcastle. “My vote is for Brock. You were integral to our team as far as challenges go, but your social game needs a lot of work. Your lies and throwing people under the bus during the Wind vote had everyone questioning you. I don’t think you were honest and loyal to a single person and that is a huge mistake. Did you think we wouldn’t talk to each other? Even though we butted heads a bit, I wouldn’t have voted for you if I could actually trust you. A bit of advice, maybe catch a season of Survivor or two. You’ll see that being a challenge beast can only get you so far, but you can’t win the game if you can’t be trusted.”

Well, everyone having fun? There are two more votes after the jump.

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Alright, Maniacal Laughter – you were ready first.  Here goes.

Vote One: Farthington von Landingham III.

Vote Two: I only want to type this name once. Farthington von Landingham III. I said sorrily

Vote Three: The Claw.
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This is not me saying that we’re merging after these votes, by the way. We might be, and we might not be. About half of you have never seen a SS merge, though, and have been asking questions. Let’s get that out of the way…


Once we merge, team challenges will stop and we’ll head to individual challenges. In SS specifically, at the outset, I’ll have three people win Immunity, and after a couple eliminations it’ll be two, and by the time we reach 6 or 7 (roughly) I’ll go to one. Each person votes for each elimination. It will still be possible to work with and against certain people during each challenge, for the most part.

At some point, the people eliminated will make up the jury, who will vote in the end for the winner among the finalists. Starting at that point, I’ll stop revealing identities. The jury will be sent off to a separate document to deliberate after they’re each eliminated. After the final challenge and elimination, the jurors will come up with a set of questions for the finalists and the finalists will then answer them as well as add a “plea” about why they should win (or, if it’s like Spookymilk Survivor XI or XIV, one will come out and say the other person should win). All the jurors will be given a day or so to send winner votes to me.

Then I’ll reveal all the jurors in a separate post, and after a day for people to digest that, I’ll show the final votes and announce the winner.


Again, I’m not saying we’re merging tonight! But we might be.

Damn, Survivors, I like this type of challenge. Nothing brings together a team like a challenge where people can step in at any time and be of great help out of nowhere. Watching you celebrate little victories like “morosely” and “forlornly” will go down as some of my favorite moments of the season.

Time to see how you did, eh?

Here you are.

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Hey, gang! This is the Gilmaniest Gilman challenge that ever Gilmaned, given his love of punny wordplay. Do you know what Swifties are? This list of them should tell you.

“I’ll have a martini,” said Tom, drily (dryly).
“Who left the toilet seat down?” Tom asked peevishly.
“Pass me the shellfish,” said Tom crabbily.
“Can I go looking for the Grail again?” Tom requested.
“I unclogged the drain with a vacuum cleaner,” said Tom succinctly.
“I might as well be dead,” Tom croaked.
“We just struck oil!” Tom gushed.

Makes sense, right? There’s a long, convoluted reason why these came to be called “Tom Swifties,” but I’ll let you research that if you feel like it, and will instead just get to the whole list so you can get to work.

You have until Tuesday night at 9pm Central. Yep, that’s quick. A few people weren’t into the speed tiebreaker last time, so in case of a tie we’ll eliminate someone on both tribes.

The list is after the jump.
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Here’s what I decided:

I like idols, more or less, but I don’t want them to completely control the game, either. So here’s the deal: if there are fewer idols than three left by the time we get to the merge, I’ll add enough to get to three shortly after the merge (I won’t announce whether I had to add any or not). If I add any more, it will be within two post-merge challenges, and I’ll never add any more.

The next challenge will be posted at something like 2 in the morning here, so you can get at it tomorrow morning.

Here we go, gang!  A non-unanimous vote!

Vote One: Gropin’ the Wind.

Vote Two: Gropin’ the Wind.

Vote Three: Crusty Knuckles.

Vote Four: Jerky Smuggler.

Vote Five: Jerky Smuggler.
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Word to the wise: if you say “This challenge relies so much on luck!!!!,” I promise the other team has correctly recognized that this is not the case, and is about to beat you.

One team never relied on luck, and correctly figured out who was in pretty much every spot.

Here you go.

Have a vote to me by Saturday night at 9pm Central.

Players know this already because they were emailed, but I never posted because I did an embarrassing amount of Survivoring as it is at work today and didn’t want to slow myself down with a post.

Anyway, the two teams have joined together on one island called “The Commons,” a new Diplochat page where their comments are found from now on. We’ve got cross-team chatter in spades, viewers, so get at it!

Meanwhile, players should already know this as well, but the first deadline for Cliques has been extended to Tuesday night at 9pm Central as well. I’ll be gone for much of Tuesday (about noon to seven Central) without access to the site, so if you need an answer, text me. I hope to bring along my iPad and have some wifi access during a break so I can check in on any potential questions.

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20th: Joh Galindo (Horatio Goatblower) (ML)
19th: Chris Barthule (Have at it, Gang) (ML)
18th: Alan Briggs (Francis Undergarments) (ESV)
17th: Eric Peterson (Horny O'Friendship) (ML)
16th: Dana Hazen (A Shrubbery) (ESV)
15th: Brooks Maki (Gropin' the Wind) (ESV)
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