There they are. This will be your permanent link to the challenge. I won’t give a “heads up” unless the game grinds to a halt.

This is a day off for me, and therefore very good to update. We could burn through some moves if you’re up to it, gang. Although the deadline will always officially be “tomorrow at 9pm Central,” if you can do better, I can hold up my end of the bargain.

Climb away, Survivors.

I won’t bore you by explaining the spreadsheet – I think it’s pretty easy to read. If you have any doubts, ask.

Good game, guys (though I admit I was fatigued by the end, like some of you; I agree that a live version of the game is probably the way to go). It was kind of a lot of work to get rid of someone who just wasn’t present, but that’s gonna happen in the early part of the game.

So let’s get this foregone conclusion out of the way and play on, eh? I’ve got another new game for you, and admittedly it could take time, but there’s a max number of moves and that should help.

Vote One: A Greased Scotsman.

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Hey, here they are.

There was even a side game, which is also done. But it’s all secret!!! WOOOOOOO

*Maniacal Laughter*, you have until tomorrow night (Monday) at 9pm Central to vote someone out. Since this is the first vote for some of you, let’s run through things:

*Nonsubs will vote for themselves. Since this challenge had none because of the way I ran it, that won’t happen.
*You can change your vote if you want, but once all the votes are in, they’re set.
*If you fail to vote, you will automatically vote for yourself.

Alright. New challenge tomorrow night – be ready, as several of you will move every day. It doesn’t have to be a long one, but part of that will hinge on whether or not you can get multiple moves done in a day.

Cheers, Survivors.

I’ll figure something out with Milkyboy to reward whoever can get this puzzle worked out fastest. Got a solution? Need a hint? Send questions, requests and death threats to me:

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Hey there, players. One very annoying bored player has suggested a quicker PPP game for the weekend, and added that I could incentivize it if players were up for it.

So, here’s the deal.

It will play the same way as the regular version, with a couple of large exceptions:

*You have two hours to move. I expect if people play this, they actually play so it can get done quickly. It would start tonight at “reprieve time” for the regular game. I’m around the first half of both Saturday and Sunday. If we finish tonight, that’s AOK with me.

*Each person has a Wassup.

*This is not a team game. Once you’re out, you’re out and we play to a winner.

You will know who’s playing (not by real names, but by game names). A new spreadsheet will be made to track it. Once you’re eliminated, you will be locked out so only the second and first-place folks will know who won (although they’re allowed to talk about it).

You can still talk to the people from your team about it.


The winner will get two things: one, the knowledge of how many people on his or her team have attempted to claim the cursed immunity idol. Two, immunity from falling rocks if he or she ends up being the eighth one to claim somehow – no matter when this happens.

If you’re in, let me know ASAP. You’ll be ordered in the game by order of who contacted me first. PLEASE mention that the email is about the Weekend Game anytime you have something to do in that game, including joining it, to kill confusion.

There’s no penalty for not playing.

Cheers, Survivors.

It’s easier when you have an official nonsub. Team Laughter still has that to look forward to, as our Scottish friend has run for the hills in a vain attempt at freedom, but the Violins have to cut bait with someone who’s been at least somewhat present.

Vote One: Arrogant Fur Porter.

Vote Two: Arrogant Fur Porter.
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Wow. It was terrifying to watch you all get the first 5-6 categories so easily, and exhilirating to watch you get the next few after fighting for them. I love watching those little celebrations.

However, just one team got any points on the final category.

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Tonight’s post will go up promptly at 9pm Central if neither team makes any more headway. If it doesn’t go up right at that time, you can be pretty sure that a team pulled ahead and won (or that I fell asleep. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen).

I can tell you right now, tribes, that everything on your lists are right, outside of that one pesky category.

If the post goes up at 9 announcing the tie, I will include a clue as to the answers of category 10. I’ll then add a clue every 10 minutes or so (on the post, not via email) until we have a finish. If this tiebreaker comes to pass, I need the category and six answers all emailed to me. Partial just won’t cut it. The first team to email me everything correctly will win.

In the case that you both get the category before that and tie, then I’ll think of a new tiebreaker.

In the unlikely case that I give you all my clues and neither team gets it within two hours, both teams will eliminate a player. I know, I’m not a fan either, so just win the challenge.

(I’ll admit I’d like to avoid this whole business altogether, so if you win in regulation, I’ll be grateful)

Cheers, Survivors. And if you think I’m cruel now, wait until the next challenge goes up!

Here we are, Survivors. Who’s up for an exciting elimination?! Well, you can safely ignore this one, which is the opposite of that. But hey, the challenge is here too!

Vote One: Friar Funk. (his own)

Vote Two: Friar Funk.

Vote Three: Friar Funk.

Vote Four: Friar Funk.
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It was a good game, as you know. A really good game. I had a good reason for wanting to finish with a winning team, though I admit if I’d thought there would be exactly one nonsub on each team from the beginning, I would have allowed a draw at Friday’s end.

But I didn’t, and there was no draw.
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