Alright, CdLites. With Fall, Caesar released and just eight people left in Survivor, I can get back to what really matters. Uh, Survivor.

The next one is an anonymous strategy game. Don’t worry, though: I’m running it, so it’s unlikely to take 166 days. Many of you have already more or less signed up, but you’re now able to snatch your desired alias from this list. Give me your five or more top choices, in order, and I’ll let you know what you got and will update the list periodically, pulling the names already chosen.

Email me, obviously; don’t post your plans to play nor your desired name here.

Like the writing season I’m currently running, my aim was to have a slate of nearly all new challenges, and I’m pretty excited about that (though about five favorites are returning). I won’t be capping the number of players, at least not initially, but I also know how fatigue can set in if ten people are out and nobody can see the end anywhere near. On the other hand, I’m constantly told that there’s no need to rush eliminations, so whatever.

As for the fact that some of you want an “open” strategy game, I think we’ll be doing The Gauntlet under our real names.

As for Diplochat…sigh. I loved it. Loved it. It’s easy to follow the game and the game mechanics that I have in mind for twists (like CURSED IMMUNITY IDOLS!!!!) work better with Diplochat in play. However, a lot of people were overwhelmed by it, and if enough people are against it, then hey…what is this site if not an attempt at fun? I’ll just scrap it if that’s the popular opinion. However, if I do this, I’ll be insistent upon people copying me in on things.

Names after the jump.

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Join here or over there. Or in email, whatever. It’s a short one, since we’ll be just starting Survivor.

Hey there, CJ faithful. I’m hoping to see a spike in players as more and more people fall out of Survivor over at my other place.

Here’s a game I first ran in Gods and Mortals that I rather like, for the stress levels and whatnot.

As usual, we start with a board.

You will all make a blob of five connected (even diagonally) spaces and will get the number of points you cover. However, any spaces also touched by others will be left open and you won’t get credit for them. In the extremely unlikely event that you’re completely crossed by other players, I’ll throw you a bone and give you one space nearby (with a meager point total) so you’re not, you know, unable to play.

Then there will be four turns, making this a guaranteed quick game. On these turns you will make a single ten-space (or fewer, down to zero) journey starting connected to a space you already cover. You get all the points you cover, but if you intersect with anyone, neither of you get any points that round AND you’re both unable to make any more moves. You can for this reason abstain on moves if you want, to try to wait out people who get smoked out.

Once a turn is over, if you gained points, you cannot ever lose them. You’ll only lose what you would have had if you intersect on that turn.

It’s simple enough, and the rules are minimal, Melissa, so this should be an easy one to run. I had “Bullseye” in the August spot last year but I’m trying something new, for whatever reason. If you’re missing Bullseye, let me know. I also have a game called “Marco Polo Sasquatch” that I want to run here if I can figure out how to run it; it’s going to be easy to run in Survivor but isn’t perfect here without a solution to a certain mechanic.

“The Spread” is in October. Hopefully Survivor won’t deprive me of players.

Join here, gang, or via email. The plan is to make initial placements due on a Monday – possibly the one just after my return from Minnesota – and play Tuesday to Friday.

Well, Survivors, have you had your fill of unanimous votes? I guess it’s time to find out. It’s such a strange thing to see at the end of a Survivor game, frankly, though I suppose everything will become clear to the victims once the game is over and players explain themselves.

At any rate, let’s see who’s surprised to be out tonight.

Vote One: Annette Barron. “Purely self-defense.”

Vote Two: Margaret Martin. “My vote is for Margaret; much as it pains me.”
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You need to be there. Yes, you.

I’ve got my week planned out pretty fully and the only night that really works for me to see people from here is Wednesday the 3rd. I still have some lunches and such open, as on Tuesday I’m going to Target Field but I don’t know what I’m doing before that.

Anyway, who can be there on the 3rd? Also, where’s good? I’m staying in Apple Valley and we’ve done the Apple Valley Old Chicago before, but I’m willing to head somewhere if need be.

Talk to me, Survivors.

Umm…yeah. Apologies in advance for some of our surliness. It wasn’t the challenge of the season, exactly, and maybe fatigue or the point in the game has gotten us to demand too much, but hopefully this doesn’t come off as too harsh.

That said, we all found something to like (even if that something was different). Read on, Survivors. There are only three left after this.
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Alright, Survivors. Doing this from work, so I should probably hurry and not type meaningless things like where I’m typing this from.

Vote One: Annette Barron. “No way is this going to work, but might as well try.”

Vote Two: Brian David. “But I’m going to hate that I won’t get to read his stories.”
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At this point I’d expect players to deliver, and they mostly did. Sure, we didn’t have a wiggly penis monster in a dumpster that we’d never forget, but we have some nice imagery here. Just one Immunity awaits! Read on, horror fans.

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Read quickly, fair Survivors, because your next one is due in just two days.  The good news: you don’t get many words to work with!  Wait, is that good?  I suppose that’s up to you.

Vote One: Rusty Greene.  “I’m happy and sad to do this.  Mostly the former.”

Vote Two: Erik S.

Vote Three: Rusty Greene.  “Good game, man.”

Vote Four: Rusty Greene.  “I vote for Rusty, if anyone can pry him out of that hole he’s been hiding in without getting bitten or worse. Hell of a good game, man.”
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Okay, Survivors, let’s be honest: I was going to be crazy about this week regardless. But let’s be honester: this week was beyond awesome. We had risks, rewards, and a lot of apparent research, and I gave probably my highest average 1-100 score I’ve given all season. You’re all playing hard, and I like it.

Though, I’ll admit to being secretly disappointed that there were no stories about Caracalla.

Readeth on, Survivors.
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First things first: if you haven’t bought my game yet, do it. I’ll give you a hug…or “whatever”…later. Here’s the link. With almost forty sales, I’m already in a pretty high percentile for self-published games, though I’m looking for a real career here so the work is never done.

Should I get to the elimination? I should get to the elimination.

Vote One: Roman Feeser.

Vote Two: Roman Feeser.

Vote Three: Erik S.

Vote Four: Erik S. “But I will hold my head up high no matter what happens.”

Vote Five: Roman Feeser. “I’d make a Fall, Caesar joke, but I’m sure someone else will do a far better version and then I’d just feel stupid.”
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