As of yet, only eight people are up for Here Comes the Fuzz over at CJ. That’s fine enough, but didn’t we used to have about 20 people per game? WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL OF YOU

The first move will be due tomorrow night. I’ll make the first post (over there) when the roster is locked and the game begins tonight.

I also have to get Scattergories ready for nibs and freealonzo at some point.

Ooooookay, here we go. I’ve done the Shamrock Drop before, but never like this.

Hey, here’s a spreadsheet.

On the board, half the spots are shamrocks. They’re kelly green, so what else could they be? You want those. They’re lucky, and such.

You have the ability to step into ten different spaces and will do so in two turns of five each. That is, you’ll send me the coordinates to five white spaces on the first night (Wednesday, by 9pm Central). On Thursday you’ll do the exact same thing.


If you are the only one next to a shamrock, it’s yours. If two people are next to a shamrock (but not sharing a space), they split it and get half a shamrock. If a space is shared, it’s void and neither can gain points with that, um, game piece or whatever. If three or more players are touching a shamrock, it is left unclaimed completely.

On the second turn, you can even sacrifice pieces to step on spaces that were previously claimed. As such, I won’t really bother with the score until after it’s over – I’ll merely update the spreadsheet showing where everyone is standing.

This will be an ultra-bitch to score, more than likely, and as such I’ll probably ask for a second set of eyes from, say, an anonymous Thumbtack that has already been eliminated. The good news is that it shouldn’t be too tough on your end though, right???

On Thursday a single immunity will be granted. If there’s a tie, we will add extra days – involving everyone – until there’s no tie at the top.

Cheers, Survivors.

The challenge will go up tonight, I hope. Nearly all of the ones still to come require some thought and I can’t decide which frigging one to run next, let alone how to run it. But it’ll be soon.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Nothing. Not a damn thing. Really? With just eight people left?

Vote One: Unlimited Breadsticks. “It was fun while it lasted.”

Vote Two: Radical Cabbage.
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“She said the theme of this party’s the industrial age
And you came in dressed like a train wreck.”

Word limit:  400 words.

Due Date:  Thursday, November 20 at 2 PM Central. Some judges have other things going on, so this will still go up late.  I will attempt to remember to send out a reminder early on Thursday for this one.

Judging:  This week, DK and Kelly are judging Interrobang.  Pepper and DG are judging Ampersand.

Standings Spreadsheet can be accessed here.  Lots of competition for those top three spots so far.  Lots of season still to go.

DK here. Here’s some results. They’re from the Interrobang conference. It’s Play with the Prose 6: The Prosening. (Isn’t it? That’s not just in my head, right?)

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Wow, kids. That was quick. I approve.

If your name is highlighted, you’re immune.

Vote for someone other than that person by tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9pm Central.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good story about pants. That is the kind of thing that I would certainly never miss a chance to write about. Don’t you agree? Well, I know there are at least two of you who don’t agree with me on that one, but that just means more medals for the rest of us.

What’s that? I don’t get to keep any of the medals? I have to give them all away?

Fair enough. Let’s get to it.

(Spooky chimes in)

Howdy, chilluns! Milkman here with the Ampersand side of things, where everyone that responds to “Eric/k”, “Mr. S” or “Hey, Dickwad who nonsubs all the time” nonsubbed. It was a bit of a rough week, to be honest, though there were some real flashes of brilliance here and there (Brooks and I may have disagreed about where they were, somewhat, but they were present). Once again, we didn’t fail for lack of ideas; it’s taking those ideas and turning them into stories that will be key in the long term.

Brooks here.  Nor did we agree on who was going to post this damned thing.  Whatever, let’s jump and find out who got some rewards.
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After this season is over, I’m totally going to run a game of Werewolf in between it and Big Brother 2. And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaaaaaaaay

Over at Cutthroat Junction, the November game is “Here Comes the Fuzz.” Because of its placement in Survivor XVI it was flat, but at Cutthroat Junction it’ll be a ball. Sign up here, there or in my inbox.

nibbish and free, we’ll figure out your title match.

I know what you’re thinking: “Kelly, why aren’t there more challenges based on words that you’ve taken from Shakespeare’s plays?” Alright, gang, I bring you vouchsafe.

This could be telling, or it could be tedious. Actually, there’s a good chance it’ll be both! It’s not complicated, though, which is cool (don’t worry: there are some complicated ones on the horizon). One lucky bastard – we’ll call her Spacegirl Lucinda Wright because that’s what chose – will be automatically “vouched” for the first round. She’ll choose someone to vouch for and then that person will vouch for another until one is left over. The one left over will be removed from all possibility of immunity, but will choose the first vouched person in the second round. Rounds will continue until there’s just one immunity winner, which means the person eliminated in the penultimate round will effectively choose which of the two remaining people is immune.

I’m giving a deadline of four hours when it’s your turn and hoping it won’t take that long. I’d feel a little gross giving nonsubs for this, so if four hours go by I’m likely to wait for a good reason you haven’t responded. If you don’t have one, well, you’re a nonsub and we’ll get moving with the next round, with a random person vouched.

Track progress on this spreadsheet. If you’re highlighted in green, it’s your turn. I’ll be emailing you when you’re up (I can email real addresses too, if anyone wants that). There are 27 moves total by the end, so keep the game moving when you’re up, and don’t be a dick about it when you’re out but still required to make the first vouch of the next round.

Okay, Spacegirl, up and away. Cheers, Survivors.

The new challenge, whatever the hell it is, will be posted either late tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Here’s an elimination. Did you make it to the top third?!

If anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to do so.

Groovy Loaf saunters up from his blacklight-drenched beanbag chair and – rather regretfully – hands over a skull bong.

This is indeed a hidden immunity idol and all votes cast for Loaf will not count.

Vote One: Spacegirl Lucinda Wright.

Vote Two: Groovy Loaf.

Vote Three: Groovy Loaf.

Vote Four: Groovy Loaf. “It seems likely to bounce but sometimes you have to roll a hard 6.”
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II: Ryan "The Snake" Fossum

III: Patrick "The Gentleman" Kozicky

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V: Rusty "The Porn Star" Greene

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24th: Brandon Keel (Friar Funk) (ESV)
23rd: Geoff Beckstrom (Arrogant Fur Porter) (ESV)
22nd: Scott Stearley (A Greased Scotsman) (ML)
21st: Michael Rivet (History's Greatest Meatloaf) (ESV)
20th: Joh Galindo (Horatio Goatblower) (ML)
19th: Chris Barthule (Have at it, Gang) (ML)
18th: Alan Briggs (Francis Undergarments) (ESV)
17th: Eric Peterson (Horny O'Friendship) (ML)
16th: Dana Hazen (A Shrubbery) (ESV)
15th: Brooks Maki (Gropin' the Wind) (ESV)
14th: Joseph Rakstad (The Claw) (ML)
13th: Melissa Diamond (The Rhyming Couplet Kid) (ESV)
12th: Colin Wolfson (Brock Hardcastle)


11th: Crusty Knuckles
10th: Jerky Smuggler
9th: Thumbtack, Jr.
8th: Radical Cabbage


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